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Welcome to BIS

Why Support BIS

BIS is more than a school, it is an investment for the future. We provide students with the tools and skill set necessary, in order to become the future game-changers of the world. BIS plays a key part in attracting the right talent to Munich and is a part of the puzzle for employees wishing to move to Munich and who are looking for the right school for their children. Investing in BIS is investing in our future and making sure that Munich and the surrounding areas remains one of the most prosperous economic regions in Europe. People, corporations and foundations recognise the benefit to our children, our community and our future by supporting BIS. 

School fees only cover the day to day operational costs of BIS. Through your support for our future, BIS can deliver this extraordinary educational experience inside and outside of the classroom, also across socio-economic levels.

Our main funding objectives are:

  • The Creativity & Innovation Centre (CIC)
  • The further development of the City Campus
  • The promotion of excellence

Overall your support is highly important, because we care about our children and their future, our community and last but not least the prosperity and the further development of Munich and Bavaria.

Dr. Manuel Cubero, Former CEO of Kabel Deutschland Holding AG"Without BIS it would be much more difficult to attract the qualified managers and experts from around the world to come to Munich."