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Welcome to BIS

Scholarship Programme

Scholarships can be gamechangers in the life of young minds. That is why Bavarian International School is establishing a scholarship programme with its supporting association Friends of BIS e.V. The central idea is to enable particularly gifted and capable young people to visit BIS independently of their parent's income.

Scholarships are offered through company partners such as DEUTSCHE FINANCE GROUP, which donated the first full scholarship for Grades 9-12 in BIS history. The success story can be read in the current interview "Making a difference in the world" with scholarship awardee Isabella. The role model has now been followed by a member of the BIS community who has privately funded the second scholarship for BIS beginning in the 2023-24 school year, also for Grades 9-12.

*Currently we do not have any available scholarships*

As soon as we have a scholarship available, we will update this page with information about the application process and criteria. In the meantime, we would kindly ask that you refrain from contacting our admissions team about this topic. Due to a large amount of emails from interested families, we are unable to respond to all emails.

Gamechanger for your minds

Scholarship holders should play a special role at BIS. They act as role models through their skills and talents, and willingness to take on responsibility. They are dedicated representatives of the school, both during school activities and at off-campus events. More information on the application criteria below.

The scholarships are run through our Friends of BIS e.V. They cover the entire tuition fees, the entrance fee and other additional admission costs for a Secondary School student for four years. An internship with the donor of the scholarship is also part of the programme. We hope to add more scholarship opportunities in the future through our company partners. Interested companies or individuals can contact us at any time: .

Application process