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Welcome to BIS

Innovation & Future Campaign

Built on the foundation of 30 years of tradition, BIS is shaping the future of education. BIS stands for state-of-the-art schooling, an optimal learning environment and academic excellence. A passionate team of staff is continually working on developing the school. Innovation, forward thinking and thinking outside the box is part of our DNA.  The Innovation & Future campaign has one goal - to develop the campus and reflect this way of forward thinking in the buildings and learning spaces available to our students. 

As a front runner, innovator and driving force, we have ambitious goals for the future. The planned Creativity & Innovation Centre (CIC) will form the new heart of the Haimhausen Campus. 

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Building the future for learning - The Creativity & Innovation Centre

What is the Creativity & Innovation Centre (CIC)?

One of the most modern and innovative school buildings in Europe is planned. On three floors and more than 8,300 square meters, open, flexibile and interdisciplinary learning islands will form a unique multifunctional space. The students, teachers and guests can experience Maker Spaces, Technology Centers, Science Labs, Creative Studios and last but not least the new auditorium with a "STEAM" (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths) focus.

The Creativity & Innovation Centre (CIC) is the most important building block in the continued development of BIS. As an additional benefit, it replaces temporary containers, solves space problems and enables renovation work on older campus buildings. 

The investment in the future of BIS requires support from the BIS community and companies in the greater Munich area. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2023 with the CIC opening three years later, in 2026. The total cost of the project is 25 million euros and our goal is to raise 1.5-2 million euros by the end of 2022, in order to begin the project on a solid financial basis. We welcome opportunities to connect on these topics. Please be in touch via this email:

Key Facts

  • Size: 8,300 sqm on 3 floors, 3,200 sqm classrooms, 330 sqm auditorium
  • Capacity: approx. 750 students, teachers and guests
  • Layout: 18 classrooms including art, design tech, 10 laboratories, 10 flexible learning spaces
  • Character: modern, open, innovative, creative, interdisciplinary, "STEAM" building
  • Construction costs: approx. 25 million euros
  • Fundraising goals: 1.5-2 million euros
  • Construction time: 2.5- 3 years
  • Construction timeline: start of construction 2023, completion 2026

Browse our new brochure and find out more!

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How can you help?

Your investment is an investment in the future. Every little bit counts to make this building become a reality. Make your donation and support BIS.

Become our partner and support BIS on a larger scale - contact to find out more about various sponsoring and partnership opportunities.