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Welcome to BIS

Friends of BIS

Creating the future, together

The Friends of BIS Förderverein e.V., a non-profit association, has the sole purpose of supporting the long-term sustainability and development of the Bavarian International School gAG (BIS).

Friends of BIS aim to financially support the school in reaching its fundraising and networking objectives. In addition to supporting the innovation and fundraising campaign of BIS, the tasks of the association also include establishing scholarships and financial aid programmes.

“International schools such as BIS are of particular importance for economic development and location marketing in the greater Munich area and throughout Bavaria. Their offerings help companies to attract urgently needed top managers, specialists and executives from all over the world to our region," said Ilse Aigner, President of the Bavarian State Parliament and Patron of Friends of BIS e.V.

Application for membership to Friends of BIS e.V. by downloading this form, filling it out and sending it via email to

Interested community members can become investors in BIS and support the school’s mission by donating to the BIS Sustainability Campaign or help the Creative and Innovation Centre (CIC) become a reality. Make a donation via our donation platform or find out more about how you can support our school. If you prefer to make a donation via a bank transfer, you can do so by transferring your contribution to the following bank account:

Friends of BIS e.V.

DE59 7005 1540 0280 7518 84


Thank you in advance for your support! 


Ilse Aigner

Despite all the necessary neutrality on the subject of education in Bavaria, I am very happy to support Friends of BIS as a patron. The primary goal of the Friends of BIS is to finance and build an Innovation and Creativity Centre (CIC) at the Haimhausen campus of BIS. Such innovation centres are important for Bavaria - they are living places for creativity, inventiveness and the development of future generations. And because BIS is opening this Innovation Centre to society, neighbours and partners, I very much welcome this idea.

Ilse Aigner visits BIS