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Welcome to BIS

BIS Sustainability Fund

The BIS Sustainability Fund is focused around improving both of our campuses and transforming your child's environment. We want to make improvements to both of our campuses, which are eco-friendly and help towards a sustainable future. We are keen to do this in an innovative and cost-effective way. As a non-profit organisation, BIS relies on Fundraising for enhancements to our campuses and to our school to create the BIS experience that we want our students to have.

The BIS Sustainability Fund allows us to do that and has an immediate impact on students and teachers by funding projects that are unable to be covered by tuition fees. Our long term goal is to build the Creativity & Innovation Center, however in the meantime we wish to continue to make eco-friendly and innovative improvements on our existing campuses. In addition to improvements at both of our campuses, we wish to transform other child's futures and therefore we welcome  support for our Financial Assistance Programme, a programme which helps to support families, who find themselves in a difficult financial position. 

The following areas are supported by the BIS Sustainability Fund:

- Eco friendly furniture and innovative learning spaces

- Campus improvements at the Haimhausen & City Campus

- COVID-19 measures e.g. Air Filters

- Financial Assistance Programme

To make your donation, please use our online payment form by clicking on the button below.

Join our community platform by creating an account or continue the process as a "Guest", where no account creation is needed. By being part of our community platform, you can keep up to date with news about the school and the Development projects we are working on. 

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