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Welcome to BIS


Prepared for the next chapter

BIS is a leader in international education. In order to prepare our young people for a fast-changing, disruptive future, we are a school of tomorrow, today. As an Internationally accredited school, BIS graduates are consistently admitted not only to the best universities around the world, including Germany, but more importantly, they are admitted to their top choices. We provide a safe environment for our students, because in order to learn, we all must feel safe to make mistakes, an important step in learning. 

At BIS, students’ futures are a priority and our graduates progress to universities, specialist schools and professions across the globe. Each student has different aspirations, and we support individual research though a comprehensive programme of hosting college and career events, presentations by university representatives, weekly student reading groups in subjects including medicine, law and psychology and an annual career morning with information sessions held by experts from a variety of fields. Our detailed University Handbook, with links to university, gap year and career websites worldwide, provides a strong basis for individual research. 

Students in Grades 11 and 12 have plenty of opportunities to discuss their plans with the University Guidance team, who offer extensive help with the application process. In Grade 11, small group workshops and the University Day prepare students to make well-informed decisions about their futures. Students from Grade 10 and 11 take part in an inspiring Careers Day. Two Grade 11 interview mornings build confidence in formal interview techniques, and this is extended in Grade 12 when students can also practice telephone, Skype and multi-mini-station interview situations.

Why is "Believe" so important to us? Find out.

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