Moving the World

Our students are the heart of BIS. They have great stories to tell. They will change the world, and some will even make history…

The stories of BIS students, alumni, and teachers are as rich and diverse as the Bavarian International School itself.

They reflect the spirit of the school, show flourishing young minds and demonstrate the innovative power of BIS. The school of the future is already here, today.

From current students engaged in exciting projects to alumni launching a start-up, going to Oxford University, or proving Darwin’s survival of the fittest theory in Cambridge, the stories are compelling. Read about our awards as an Eco School, first-class career days, celebrity guests, and other inspiring events.

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From Munich to Oxford
Henri van Wasen

The paths graduates take after BIS are as diverse as the school itself. Some decide to take a voluntary gap year, others set up their first start-up and still others, like Henri van Wasen, go to University to study. Beginning in October, Henri will study Human Sciences at Oxford, one of the best universities in the world. Van Wasen describes Oxford as a university "surrounded by a palpable atmosphere of intellectual wealth, tradition, and zealousness."
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BIS heralded as industry leader
Distance Learning

In March 2020, as schools closed all over the country due to COVID-19, BIS launched its Distance Learning Program. Teaching and learning continued seamlessly for around 1,50 students from 61 nations. Despite having to radically shift teaching and learning protocols, the innovative approach generated enthusiasm among students, parents and teachers and attracted the attention of newspapers such as the "Süddeutsche Zeitung", which reported on the program as establishing a benchmark for other schools.
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A challenge with unique results
Jerome Holland

How many people do you know who can claim to have built their own tailor-made freeride skis at the age of 15? BIS student Jerome Holland can. In his grade 10 "Personal Project", Jerome decided to take on that challenge through a unique cooperative arrangement with the Pfeilski Manufacture in Ampermoching. 
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Top Class Careers Day at BIS
From BMW to 'Tagesschau' and PAYPACK

170 students from grades 10 and 11 enjoyed lectures and discussions with a ´Tagesschau´ chief editor, the PAYBACK founder, BMW top managers, finance experts, entrepreneurs and many more.
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Care, Courage & Character
Paula Wein

To gain experience for life and her profession in the future, Paula Wein, BIS 2020, made a conscious decision to challenge herself with an opportunity to grow as an individual and make her gap year truly worthwhile. The newly graduated BIS Alumna will spend a year working in an HIV hospice in the Kingdom of Lesotho (Africa).
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Dance with the Stars
Class of 2020

91 students from 25 different nations received their diplomas from Bavarian International School in June 2020.
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Diversity Rocks
BIS is setting a strong visual sign with the piece of Artwork
“Diversity through graffiti” is the focus of a 60 square-meter display of artwork at BIS City Campus in Munich-Schwabing.

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High Reputation
Ilse Aigner visits BIS City Campus
"Internationality and open-mindedness can be felt in every classroom”, said Ilse Aigner, President of the Bavarian State Parliament and new patron for our Fundraising Association “Friends of BIS e.V.”

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BIS Global Dignity Day 2019

With warm regards from Crown Prince Haakon of Norway
Global Dignity Day

BIS heads the first Global Dignity Day in Germany. 170 students from grades 6 and 7 discussed dignity, human rights, equal rights and tolerance.
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