BIS Teacher creating her own 'Service as Action' project 

Some more good news from our BIS community: German teacher Darby Altinger sewed 42 masks to help the Klinikum Dritter Orden in times of the Corona crisis. Exactly on her son's fourth birthday, Darby sent the masks to the hospital where her son was born and where she has often supported births as a doula. "Since I started teaching at BIS, I continue to be impressed by the holistic learning approach of the Middle Years Programme (MYP). The curriculum not only addresses academics, but inspires and teaches students to contribute to their communities in the form of Service as Action", says Darby Altinger.

With this great idea Darby has implemented her own "Service as Action" project. "Service as Action" encourages students to participate in activities that make a positive difference to the lives of others and to the environment. The program is usually part of the MYP Curriculum - all students in Grades 6-10 have to be engaged in those activities. At BIS, each grade level has a year-long grade level focus for their service: Global Poverty & Local action for Grade 6, Animals & Their Rights for Grade 7, Understanding the work of NGOs for Grade 8, The Environment for Grade 9 and Disabilities for Grade 10.