Empty Classroom, Full Passion


Mr. Loay Malek is one of the few educators who still teaches from his classroom. The Egyptian-born Australian appreciates his interactive whiteboard, which he connects to Google Meet for his math lessons. „I pretend that my empty classroom is full of my students. It’s difficult when I can’t see their faces to know how they’re processing information in real time, so I've replaced the ´raise your hand´ with a ´turn your mic on´ if you have a question“, says the maths teacher and Diploma Programme (DP) coordinator, who is working for BIS for seven years. Also in the world of distance learning, the classic maths textbook is an essential teaching resource - just as an eBook...



For Mr. Loay Malek, the balance between offline and online time is an important factor for the success of distance learning. He gives the students enough time for independent, flexible learning and brings in variety, e.g. through online math games like Kahoot. vBalance is critical, and I’m still working on that. Currently I’m setting work and issuing long term due dates, as well as setting tasks that need to be completed by the end of the lesson. Because I teach older students, it’s important to trust them to manage their time responsibly and then follow up and provide guidance if needed. They have a great deal to do, so being flexible is as important as holding them accountable.“

The passionate BIS teacher has his wife and two daughters (13 and 15 years) also here at BIS. Before he came to Munich, he worked for two International Schools in Cairo (Egypt). Loay graduated from The University of Sydney (Australia) with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering, obtained his education degrees from The American University in Cairo and his Masters in Education from The University of Newcastle (Australia). Diversity rocks!