Caring Chinese Community

Positive messages are more important than ever at times like this! The BIS Chinese Community organised various Fundraising initiatives at City Campus and Haimhausen Campus for three small hospitals in Wuhan. “We successfully sent over 1445 masks, 107 hassle suits and 200 boot covers and 50 protective goggles to our Wuhan doctors and nurses”, says BIS parent Jenny Ngan Heelan.

“Our focus, however, has changed, since we learned that the medical community in our beloved adopted home country also needs help. As a result, locally, we have donated 800 masks to the Aicher Ambulance Union in Munich to help protect our beloved medical community, as well as over 500 Euro cash donation to German Red Cross for the Corona Nothilfefonds. We sincerely thank all of those who contributed their time, baked goods and cash donations, especially the unwavering support from the Japanese and Korean communities!”, Jenny Ngan Heelan added.

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