Passionate teachers and the right balance

It's all about passionate teachers: Today we introduce Grade 4 teacher John Bender from Canada, who is in his fifth year at BIS and currently is working at City Campus in Schwabing. He told us what his secret recipe for successful Distance learning is: “Giving the students the right mix of routine, keeping them motivated and engaged in learning, being innovative and coming up with fresh new ideas.” 

The 33-year-old emphasizes the importance of routines, making students feel comfortable with the new reality, making them feel supported and encouraging their creative thinking. The right balance, the feeling of class community, communication and interaction were also extremely important for him. “I have been so impressed how my students adapted to the new situation in digital learning. Self management skills, the ability to communicate, their thinking in a non face-to-face way, their autonomy and independence really increased”, said John Bender, who has already worked for schools in Australia (Wollongong) and South Korea (Seoul).