Lilia's Poem - Locked within my Home

Another “wow moment” in times of corona crisis and distance learning. Grade 7 student Lilia (13 years) from Bavarian International School wrote this impressive poem.


Captured in my own home.

Obligated to following the rules.

Ready or not.

Of course, people are dying which is really bad.

Nevertheless, we should have hope.

Alright, let’s stick together.

Very tough but we can do this.

I is not a thing in this pandemic, it’s we. 

Rude for people to not do the right thing.

Usually, it would be any other day.

So, this is a fresh start for everyone.


Like it or not, everyone needs help.

Over exaggeration does not help either.

Control what you think.

Kindness is what we need right now.

Doing the right thing can save people's life.

Onerous is what life, right now, should be.

We need to help each other. We

Need your help to save the plant and our community.


“All term we have been working on a unit about freedom and fairness in English, reading the novel, 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas' by John Boyne as well as Anne Frank's diary. Following their assessment the students have been given the opportunity to express in diary entries and poems how they feel about being locked within their homes just as Anne was back in the 1940s. I'm so proud of how resilient and positive our students are in the circumstances, and how they have adapted so quickly to a new style of learning. It makes my soul sing”, says Susann Press, English and CP teacher at BIS.

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