Feedback, Routines & Collaboration

The EAL (English as Additional Language) Department at BIS, which also includes its Mother Tongue program, has found success with the transition to Distance Learning - and now Flexible Learning... While there is no magic formula for implementing Distance Learning, the department’s teachers have found success through maintaining consistent avenues of communication to provide students with clear instructions and feedback, regular routines, and opportunities to collaborate and interact in a safe and productive manner. 

In turn, teachers have found that the students have generally embraced the challenge of Distance Learning. Some students have even used the challenge as an opportunity to demonstrate their resourcefulness and technological savvy, finding solutions for unanticipated technology problems for both teachers and classmates. In recognition of the efforts of both students and teachers in the department’s classes, Christopher Kan, the Head of Department, proudly remarked, “At a time when external factors could have threatened both the well-being and work of students and faculty in my department, I think everybody has adapted to the myriad challenges - home Wifi, sharing familiar technology platforms - and found solutions that foster continued learning at a high standard.”