Physics via Distance Learning? Why not!

Among others we have the fantastic Dr. Sarah Sydney on the team at BIS: On this photo the BIS Science teacher is preparing content for a grade 9 physics class on wave behaviour - using the document camera (the green object) to take an image of the light wave reflecting. "In these classes I talk through the concepts on Google Meet, and then to test student understanding I have been getting them to make little gifs or posters, demonstrating the physics concepts we've been learning about", says Dr. Sarah Sydney. She has been really impressed by the students' engagement and creativity in the first two weeks of Distance Learning at BIS. "It's not exactly ´business as usual´, but learning is still happening! At times it's been exhausting, coming up with new distance learning experiences. But by giving my students tasks to work on independently, and giving feedback over Google Classroom and Google Meet, I actually feel like I've been able to give more individual attention to students than I usually do in the classroom. I'm really proud of the work we're doing right now, and proud of the students as well!"