Inspiring Insights about „Tagesschau“ to BMW to the invention of the brand PAYBACK

Top-class Careers Day at Bavarian International School (BIS): 13 personalities provide authentic insights into a wide range of business sectors

Bavarian International School gAG (BIS) staged its annual Careers Day at the Haimhausen Campus. Around 170 students from grades 10 and 11 had the chance to choose which 4 of the 13 personalities they could interact with. Each of the speakers presented their profession and industry, the best training paths, necessary skills and competences for today's working world. The speakers included the founder of PAYBACK Alexander Rittweger, the second editor-in-chief of ARD-aktuell Dr. Helge Fuhst ("Tagesschau", "Tagesthemen"), BMW manager Peter van Binsbergen, Dr. Sven Neubauer (co-founder of the investment company Deutsche Finance Group (DFG), the former government spokesman of Gerhard Schröder, Bela Anda, as well as lawyers, medical doctors, scientists, real estate entrepreneurs, hotel directors, designers and experts for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Challenges in the professional fields and the general, disruptive changes in the world of work and career opportunities were also discussed. 16-year-old Japanese Eiki (grade 10) said: „It was great to hear so many different experiences about job possibilities. I wondered before if you should choose a job to make money or a job that you enjoy doing. And now I know I should do a job that I enjoy.“

In his lectures and discussion rounds, entrepreneur Alexander Rittweger also confirmed that a passion one has for his or her own project is the decisive factor in start-up companies. Additionally students were advised to do as many internships as possible and to keep their options open until they really discover what their professional desire is. Another key point told to the students is that they should always leave their comfort zone. Really loving what you do is the greatest gift in the professional world.

Dr. Helge Fuhst, Second Editor-in-Chief of ARD-aktuell ("Tagesschau", "Tagesthemen"), also enjoyed his four "sold out" discussion rounds in the classroom. "The exchange with students is absolutely valuable for me as a journalist. Through which platforms do they consume news today? What do they know about the media or fake news? And do they want to become a media maker themselves one day? The Career Day at BIS provides students with an early insight into different professional fields. This is just as valuable to them as the insights I have gained from them," says Fuhst.

Dr. Sven Neubauer, CIO and co-founder of the Deutsche Finance Group (managing around 6 billion euros in assets in 46 countries), was impressed by the students' commitment, curiosity and clever questions. „We enjoyed being able to present our industry in detail to the students and hope that we have been able to positively influence their future career ambitions."

"Our Careers Day is a good example of how we offer our students a variety of additional opportunities that go far beyond the curriculum. Under the motto 'Believe. Inspire. Succeed' we want to educate our students to become motivated, confident and responsible world citizens who are perfectly prepared for the new world of living and working," says Dr. Chrissie Sorenson, school director and executive board of Bavarian International School gAG (BIS). She thanked all speakers from the internal and external BIS community who had volunteered for the 9th BIS Careers Day.

Participants of the 9th Careers Day at BIS 2020:

- Bela Anda (Managing Partner of ABC Communications, former government spokesman for Federal Chancellor Gerhard Schröder)

Dr. Helge Fuhst (second editor-in-chief ARD-aktuell, "Tagesschau", "Tagesthemen")

- Hans Hammer (CEO of Hammer AG)

- Dr. med. Ursula Hienz (Orthodontist and founder of food start-up „Activated me”)

- Dr. Sven Neubauer (CIO and Co-Founder of Deutsche Finance Group)

- Dr. Ralph Panzer (Lawyer and Partner of Bird & Bird LLP)

- Paul Peters (Complex General Manager of Westin Grand & Sheraton Arabellapark)

- Alexander Rittweger (Founder of PAYBACK, Investor & Entrepreneur)

- Dr. Lynda Sagrestano (Senior Research Scientist at Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München)

- Natalie Schmid (Head of Department for Corporate Social Responsibility at DONNER & REUSCHEL Aktiengesellschaft)

- Barbara Simon (Creative Director & Brand Expert at B Brands Creative Network)

- Peter van Binsbergen (Senior Vice President Aftersales of BMW Group)

- Prof. Dr. med. Matthias Volkenandt (Medical doctor and managing partner of MedKom Akademie GmbH)

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