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Welcome to BIS

Secondary School Exhibition on 22 March - where creativity and academia align

For the first time, Bavarian International School will combine three exciting events into one big event on 22 March 2023: The Secondary School Exhibition with the three elements Grade 10 Personal Project (15:00 in the Old Gym), Visual Arts Exhibition (16:15 in the Castle) and theatrical performances (17:15 in the Auditorium).
All members of the BIS community are invited to experience the great results of our students' hard work and to talk to the young creators and artists. There will be a catering station with finger food and drinks as a central meeting point on the first floor of Schloss Haimhausen.
“The idea was to have one event in which we could celebrate student’s creativity, and their individual achievements as they reach a milestone in their educational journey ”, says Isabel Moraes, Head of the Visual & Performing Arts Department of BIS
Grade 10 Personal Project
The first highlight of this special day will be the Personal Project Exhibition for the Grade 10 students who, depending on their personal interest, has to develop a product that has to be described in a Process Journal and presented in a final report. The report is assessed by the supervisor and externally moderated by the IB to ensure a globally consistent standard of excellence.
“Middle Years Programme (MYP) students in their final year explore an area of personal interest over an extended period. It provides them the opportunity to consolidate their learning and develop important skills they’ll need in both further education and life beyond the classroom. It also helps them develop confidence to become principled, lifelong learners.”
- International Baccalaureate Organization
Our 108 students of Grade 10 chose topics like a model of a sustainable house, a business plan for a hypothetical crypto-project, directing a movie, creating a freelance tennis teaching business, various cook books, music pieces and even perfume and jewellery. “This year students have again worked diligently and very hard for almost half a year creating their individual products. The result is a varied and inspiring range of ideas that have been realised and I am really looking forward to this year’s exhibition. It is their time to shine now!,” says Sandra Evans, Pastoral Leader Grade 10 & MYP Assistant Coordinator of BIS.
Visual Arts Exhibition
The exhibition is the academic climax for the 13 students who have chosen Visual Arts as their subject in the International Baccalaureate (IB DP, IB CP or High School Diploma). Their works in painting, mixed media, photography, film, installation, sculpture and textiles are part of the final examination grade. In an impressive way, the students deal with topics like the search for identity, mental health, the melancholic society, feelings, female empowerment or the
objectification of females through the male gaze.
“The Student Art Exhibition is the culmination and celebration of two years of rigorous arts investigation and creation. The students are asked to curate their own work in a space they have chosen within the Schloss and to support their creative intent with the texts displayed. The students are looking forward to sharing their work to a larger audience and will be present to discuss their work in person with the guests,” explain the Arts Teachers Sarah Proudler, Elizabeth King and Anne Dirilgen.
BIS student art work "GIVE ME A SMILE" by Tamar Weinberg (Grade 12).
Theatre Solo Performances
The grand finale will be the theatre solo performances in the auditorium by four Grade 12 students.
The Secondary School Exhibition with three exciting pillars underlines the BIS motto Believe. Inspire. Succeed and celebrates the strong performances of students and teachers in one compact day. To be continued...