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New Principal at BIS City Campus in Munich: Owen Murphy

Beginning in August 2022, Owen Murphy will be taking over the Principal position at Bavarian International School (BIS) at the City Campus in Munich-Schwabing, which is attended by approximately 280 students from more than 30 nations. The British-German comes to BIS from the International School of Stuttgart, where he was Assistant Principal of the Primary School and was responsible, among other things, for the Primary Years Programme (PYP). Before his career in education, Owen Murphy worked for a radio station in Ontario (Canada), and for more than 20 years he has been a volunteer soccer referee.

The Masters of Science in Educational Leadership holder is looking forward to a new challenge in Germany - his chosen home for the past nine years. "The City Campus community and the modern learning facility leaves me in no doubt that I am fortunate to take on the role of Principal of a campus, which is driven and motivated by the realistic vision to be a beacon of excellence in the city, at the same time as being a caring culture for everyone," says Owen Murphy, who has made his new home in the Bavarian capital in Munich-Laim with his partner Maarit, a nurse.

Team of rock stars

In preparation and interviews, he has heard time and again about the dedicated teachers and support staff as a "team of rock stars." "That coincides 1:1 with my first experiences and conversations with my new colleagues at City Campus." In addition to educational excellence, Owen Murphy values a climate of trust, inspiration, teamwork and unity. "My best hopes are to be part of a community culture where everyone cares for each other, where we are inspired by the belief we have in each other and where we achieve success together." He will work together in the City Campus leadership with Vice Principal Nicola Moloney, who has a long history with Bavarian International School.

Through his own experiences as a student, he knows that great teachers can make a real difference for everyone. "When I look back, I think I always knew I wanted to be a teacher. I did spend a portion of my life ignoring the feeling, but the calling was always strong!" the British-German tells International School Services (ISS) in an interview.

Before entering the world of international education, Owen Murphy worked for a radio station in Ontario, Canada, for several years. He took on a variety of roles, from live reporter to marketing, fundraising and collaborations, as well as on-air host. "Radio is a lifelong passion of mine," Murphy says. From time to time, he hopes to still be heard on the radio…
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