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Welcome to BIS

“Making a difference in the world”

Interview with BIS student Isabella - first awardee of a BIS scholarship

Since the school year 2021-22, Isabella is the awardee of the first scholarship in the more than 30-year history of the Bavarian International School (BIS). The German-American, now 15 years old, was chosen to receive the full scholarship for grades 9-12, which was donated by DEUTSCHE FINANCE GROUP, a globally operating investment company headquartered in Munich. In this interview, Isabella tells us in her own words why the scholarship is a real life changer and why Gandhi's wisdom "Be the change you wish to see in the world" fits perfectly with her philosophy of life.

Dear Isabella, after strict performance criteria and a final interview, you were selected for the first scholarship of BIS. What does this mean to you?

“I was given a chance, a chance to achieve something great, and I want to use it to help people and make a difference in the world. Four years at BIS will teach me a lot, prepare me for opportunities that lie ahead, and teach me skills I will need in the world.  I would like to thank DEUTSCHE FINANCE GROUP for establishing a scholarship that has given me the chance for a life I could never have dreamed of.”

What has changed for you since then?

“When thinking about what changed for me as a person and a student the first things that come to mind is the way that I learn and the new outlook I gained on the world, plus I am so much happier. My perspective expanded and the way I go about my life as a student at BIS has evolved into a progressive and learning mindset. BIS has helped me to think more openly, look at different perspectives and analyze all sides. Through this I have learned new skills such as collaboration and critical thinking, and I have found new ways to go about my life and to be a better student and person.”

How was your start at BIS?

“The first time I entered the building, I got a sense of belonging from teachers and peers. In the months that I have been at BIS, I learned about the "BIS way" - for example not just working on projects but also reflecting on outcomes and how to improve. I formed friendships that I know will last a lifetime. I immediately felt at home, and have never felt more like a part of something than I do now. I will cherish the time here forever.”

Are there any particular areas in which you were able to develop your interests or passions, which might not have been possible at other schools?

“Doing after school activities is something I am passionate about, e.g running or working out. The programme ´Service as Action´ is something I’ve never seen in any other school and I think it's great, such as Kids Club (babysitting staff children) or Knitting Club (knitting blankets for people experiencing homelessness). Making the world better and helping others is something that is important to me and these are things that BIS encourages. Working on my 10th grade personal project and developing my product (A model of a future city in the field of “Design & Economics”/the author), is a step that will teach me a lot about what I would like to do in life after BIS.”

What impresses you most about BIS?

“Each and every teacher enjoys teaching us, and is ambitious about bringing honorable and outstanding kids into a world where they will make great contributions. The support the school provides is astonishing.”

Do you already have an idea of what you would like to do in your future career?

“Having a passion for learning new things every day and appreciating a variety of disciplines, I could easily see myself pursuing a career in the humanities or science. I want to go to college in the US or Germany, and with the help of BIS I  started to research college options. I’m aware that the decision to stay in Germany or move to the US is a significant one. The culture, courses offered and cost are different and I must take that into account when making my decision.” 

Thanks so much Isabella and all the best for your path at BIS!


Photos: Sebastian Stiphout