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Welcome to BIS

Changes become visible, visions turn into reality

Haimhausen Campus: Dismantling of the old sports hall to make way for the future Creativity & Innovation Centre (CIC)

Anyone visiting the Haimhausen Campus of Bavarian International School (BIS) will immediately notice signs of significant transformation: the old sports hall is being dismantled to pave the path for the forthcoming Creativity & Innovation Centre (CIC).
BIS was able to engage a specialist for sustainable dismantling. Almost all parts of the old sports hall, e.g. walls, floors, roof, steel beams, heating system, sports equipment, will be carefully dismantled and rebuilt elsewhere, possibly in a school in Romania. "This is not only very sustainable, but ultimately also saves BIS money," says BIS Business Director Marco Dahl.

Safety, continuity and smooth IB exams

Preparations for the future construction site are already underway at the same time. For example, construction fences have been installed, the school garden has been moved and a bridge crossing to the large sports field is planned for the future construction site road behind the new sports hall. During the summer holidays, a temporary container complex with eight classrooms, an office and toilets will be built on the hard basketball court to relieve the already overstretched capacity. Heat pumps are planned as a replacement for the fossil-fuelled heating system from the old sports hall, which will no longer be used. "The heat pump is the first part of BIS's future energy modernisation plan, which we are already implementing. In future, this measure will be supplemented by photovoltaic systems, for which we can utilise various roofs, e.g. on the CIC or the new sports hall," explains Marco Dahl. Naturally, all available sources of funding will be evaluated and utilised.

The top priorities in the upcoming construction phase are the safety of all students, staff, parents and guests, the continuity of usability of the campus and ensuring smooth IB exams.

The dismantling work on the old sports hall is scheduled to continue until July 2024, after which the construction pit can be dug and the groundbreaking ceremony will take place around October 2024. Completion of the Creativity & Innovation Centre (CIC) is planned for autumn 2026.

New heart of the Haimhausen Campus

With the campus building of the future, BIS is turning a vision into reality. A three-floor CIC with around 6,200 square metres for 750 students, teachers and guests will be built under the academic guideline "STEAM" (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Maths). The new heart of the Haimhausen Campus will be characterised by open, flexible and interdisciplinary learning environments. Specifically, 10 flexible studios, 10 science labs, 3 design tech labs, 3 art rooms, 2 music rooms and 1 black box are planned.

The total costs will be EUR 25 million. EUR 1.5 million have already been raised for the bank financing through donations, state subsidies and savings. Now further EUR 1 million is still needed to realise the equipment and interior to the highest, future-proof standard. "The CIC is a crucial foundation on BIS's journey to provide state-of-the-art learning environments for the best education for our students," says the Business Director. 

If you would like to support BIS's major milestone with donations, in-kind sponsoring or ideas, please contact the school's fundraising team (Miruna Nadvornik & Marko Mädge,) via email: