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Welcome to BIS

Inspiring future global citizens for the workplace of the future

11th BIS Careers Day with 16 top-class, diverse speakers at Bavarian International School (BIS)

Elizabeth Jansen-Hubis of Texas Instruments speaks with students at BIS Careers Day

The 11th Careers Day of Bavarian International School (BIS) attracted 16 top-class personalities from a wide variety of industries to give students an authentic insight into professions, career paths and future trends. Around 180 BIS students in grades 10 and 11 experienced a total of 38 panels of 30 minutes each at the Haimhausen Campus. The event featured speakers from Microsoft, Facebook, SAP, Airbus, Texas Instruments, Linde, The LEGO® Group, Klinikum Dritter Orden, Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt, Motel a Miio and many more. BIS welcomed U.S. Consul General Timothy E. Liston as a guest of honor.

Careers Day is a traditional highlight in the extensive university and career counseling program of the private, non-profit all-day school with two campuses in Haimhausen and Munich-Schwabing (approx. 1,150 students from more than 60 nations). The students learned about a wide range of perspectives, first hand, and had plenty of time for questions after the presentations - initial internships were also arranged.

The spectrum ranged from chief medical doctor at a birth clinic to the diplomatic service, from tech and media companies to science and research, or to the impressive start-up story of how to develop a ceramics business with more than 300 employees and 21 stores in Europe (Motel a Miio) from a vacation idea in Portugal.

"I really enjoyed attending all the different panels, even if it was something I would probably never pursue in my own career. It's important to think about different perspectives, get new ideas and broaden your interest," said Alexandra, a 10th grade student with Bulgarian nationality.

"It was all 100% helpful," said Morgan, aslo a 10th grade student, with British citizenship. "I found the start-up story especially exciting, because I would like to start a company myself later on." 

Fermin, a 10th grader from Spain, commented on the presentation by the U.S. Consul, Timothy Liston: "I found it very interesting to hear how tough the selection criteria are in the diplomatic service, and how sometimes he can really save lives in his job. I think it's great that BIS organized this day."

Skill-set for the future

Kristian Imhof of The LEGO® Group speaks with students at BIS Careers Days

Kristian Imhof, Senior Sales Director Europe Central of The LEGO® Group, emphasized that playing and learning should be the same thing. And he drew analogies between the skill-sets that LEGO is trying to develop and that are part of the integral DNA of an international school: Problem solving, creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration. "Careers Day offers an unfiltered insight into the work of business, science and politics, and thus could be an exciting inspiration for future career choices," said Kristian Imhof, who was inspired by the students' reflective questions and found them to be valuable feedback.

Dr. Mattia Marconcini from the German Aerospace Center (DLR) also enjoyed the exchange with the BIS students: "The ambitions that shape young people's future are not only influenced by their skills or background. Rather, they also depend heavily on their understanding of the world of work in general. In other words, students cannot be what they cannot see. Within this framework, Careers Day provides an opportunity to hear first-hand experiences from a variety of professionals in a variety of industries."

A Facebook manager summed up the most high-profile Career Day in the history of BIS: "Careers Day at BIS is an excellent forum for a dialogue-oriented, inspiring exchange with students about career paths. This orientation is very important, especially in today's world, because the opportunities are so diverse," said Christian Hauke from META.

Speakers at the 11th BIS Careers Day:

  • Dr. Claudia Brunner, German Institute for Preventive Medicine
  • Dr. Franz Edler von Koch, Third Order Hospital
  • Prof. Dr. Anna Svea Fischer, Munich University of Applied Sciences
  • Christian Hauke, Facebook (Meta)
  • Bridget Hooser, NXP Semiconductors
  • Kristian Imhof, The LEGO® Group
  • Elizabeth Jansen-Hubis, Texas Instruments
  • Timothy E. Liston, U.S. Consul General Munich
  • Dr. Mattia Marconcini, German Aerospace Center (DLR)
  • Raúl Alonso Sánchez, AIRBUS
  • Rebekka Sperger, SAP Labs Munich
  • Ina Tenz, ABC Communication
  • Anna von Hellberg, Motel a Miio 
  • Laura Castien, Motel a Miio 
  • Dr. Joachim von Schéele, LINDE
  • Alexander von Woikowsky, Media & Entertainment

All photos by Sebastian Stiphout