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BIS City Talk: Values and life skills are decisive factors in education


At the BIS City Talk at the Schwabing campus of the Bavarian International School (BIS), speakers and the nearly 100 guests agreed that values and life skills must be decisive factors in today's school education. This is the only way to prepare our children for an unknown, rapidly changing future. At the Bavarian International School in Munich and Haimhausen (approx. 1,150 students from over 60 nations), developing the moral compass of children and young people is part of the academic DNA.

Moderated by Nina Eichinger, Wolfgang Rodler (IBM Innovation Studio Munich), Livia von Mitschke-Collande (Google Germany), Dr. Andrea Taubenböck (Stiftung Wertebündnis Bayern), Milutin Delic (ViiV Healthcare) and BIS School Director Dr. Chrissie Sorensen discussed "Educating for tomorrow".


In his keynote on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Wolfgang Rodler made it clear that AI is not there to replace people, but to make lives easier. "It's not about man versus machine, but man with machine." To avoid a scenario like in the movie "Terminator," diversity and inclusion as well as values and soft skills play an essential role in the development of AI. Milutin Delic also emphasized the moral compass as a critical factor. "Schools need to equip children with skills and self-confidence to learn how to deal with a known future," Delic said. According to Livia Mitschke-Collande, diversity is a key driver - not only in society, but in businesses and in the advancement of technology to AI. In her statements, Dr. Andrea Taubenböck emphasized empathic lifeskills, taking other perspectives and listening to other opinions.


After a two-year Corona break, the 4th BIS City Talk in total was a complete success. "On the one hand, we show that we are a frontrunner for the education of the future. On the other hand, we open our school to share it with many interested families," said Dr. Chrissie Sorensen.

A big thank you goes to all the speakers, the moderator Nina Eichinger and the supporters ORGANIC GARDEN, Gerolsteiner, Young Poets (wines) and Expat in the City.

Photos by Sebastian Stiphout