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Despite Corona challenges, young artists complete two-year curation project

This week, despite significant challenges due to the Corona pandemic, eight Bavarian International School (BIS) students presented a curated exhibition covering two years of artistic exploration and creation.


Each student created a body of work in response to their individual intent, as their final assessment for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme or Careers-related Programme. The IB Visual Arts curriculum asks students to engage in theoretical practice, art-making practice, and curatorial practice.

"This group of students has been impacted twice by the pandemic, suffering the impacts of not one, but two lockdowns," said Sarah Proudler, Visual Arts Teacher at BIS. 

"These were major interruptions to their creation process, yet despite all obstacles, they have created, worked hard and been able to curate an exhibition of personal and meaningful art, which they now share with the world.”

Due to the pandemic, only close family members and limited school staff were allowed to visit the exhibition.

The eight students participating in this year’s exhibition are: Emma (Germany / Peru), Jozhua (New Zealand / Germany), Amelie (Germany), Anneka (UK), Derin (Turkey / England / Jamaica), Alissia (Brazil / Germany), Shaun (South Africa), and Claire (Germany).

Themes of the exhibition cover mental illness, love, the experience of being Black in our current society, childhood, identity, and societal beauty standards. 


Emma has been a BIS student since 2009. Her work connects the viewer through the theme of emotion, as portrayed through her various visual stories from childhood memories to mental disorders.

“I have always used art as a way of expression and relieving stress. There are so many different areas within the visual arts course that were still unknown to me, and I wanted to have the opportunity to learn them and further develop my skills,” said Emma. 

“Through the Middle Years Programme years I became more wise within the visual arts and developed an eager passion to push myself to my limits, and create art that in that time would have been out of my comfort zone.”


Shaun's installation covers his interpretation of issues within society today. He admires visual artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, and is interested in music and design. 

“I enjoy exploring and learning about the different ways people perceive the world and how to display your thoughts in a manner that people can understand,” said Shaun. 

Shaun has been at BIS since 2016 and would like to study architecture and digital marketing after graduation.


“Art has always been a great passion of mine, and my goal of pursuing a career in art in the future led me to take IB art,” said Anneka.

Her works focus on the theme of identity, exploring the individuality that defines her and that of others.

Anneka has been at BIS since 2012. Her favourite fashion design is Alexander McQueen.


Alissia has been at BIS since 2013 and is inspired by René Magritte. Alissia's work is inspired by different artists' interpretation of love through the ages, and has created her own thoughts and feelings on this theme.

"Fashion or surrealist art has always been my favourite subject, and I knew I wanted to do it in the IB, since I loved the idea of creating meaningful artworks which has a connection to myself and my life experiences.”

Alissia would like to study fashion management.


Jozhua’s work investigates the human emotional need of belonging. He asks: What is it? What does it mean to belong? How do we belong?

Jozhua has been at BIS since 2008 and is inspired by Jackson Pollock, photography, sculpture and abstract expressionist art.

“I liked that IB Art gave me the opportunity to express myself creatively and provide an opportunity for me to explore the areas of art I am interested in."



Derin has been at BIS since 2016 and is inspired by Andy Warhol and Kathe Kollwitz.

Derin's work centres around her experience as a young Black woman in our society, presenting a story-like series through each piece. She invites the viewer to her personal thoughts on issues and experiences. She believes in freedom, individuality and creative thinking opportunities.

She hopes to study fine art and graphic design.


Claire has been at BIS since 2018. Her art work investigates beauty stereotypes and standards, issues which often affect young people today.

“I believe that all types of art are interesting but especially the combination of several together, like modern and design," said Claire. 

“Out of  all the basic school subjects that everyone has to take, art gives the opportunity to be creative, the chance to research and create something coming from personal interpretations and gathering new knowledge and ideas from others.”


Amelie has been at BIS since 2008. Her favourite artists are Goya, Richter, and the Chapman Brothers.

The theme of Amelie's work is a response to the negative social stigma associated with terms such as ‘mental disorder’ or ‘mental illnesses’. Through her work she urges people to consider what the terms actually mean; and that there is nothing to be afraid of or be repulsed by.

She would like to produce techno music/DJ, as well as to study psychology.

All images by Sebastian Stiphout. 


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