Important information regarding a change in bus use.

Dear Parents,

It is essential that the Transportation Office is informed about any change in school bus use, (e.g. using another bus home with friends, a drop off at a different location or no bus use at all due to private pick up from school, etc.) by 13:00 on Mondays to Thursdays and on Fridays no later than 11:30 please.

We regret to inform you that requests received after these times cannot be taken into consideration since the safety of your child(ren) could be jeopardised.

Your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.


Bavarian International School provides a bus system which serves over 80% of the BIS community. Our transportation service is optional. The prices are calculated to cover costs. The costs of the service are divided up equally among the users by zones. Routes, stops and travel times are likely to change during the year and also from year to year.
We will try to accommodate a pick up/drop off point as close as possible to your home. In case a public bus stop is close to your home we have to use this one. Please be informed our bus fees are calculated for one year and have to be paid in two instalments (1st semester / 2nd semester). Bus fees are not refundable.
In addition to the individual close-to-home school bus service, BIS also offers a shuttle bus from /to the U-Bahn station “Garching-Hochbrück” (U6 line) in the morning and after school, for children of families living close to an underground station. The U6 line to/from "Garching Hochbrück" and our shuttle bus provide an alternative fast and cost effective way of getting to/from school (school bus costs from "Garching Hochbrück" and return: ca. 410,-EUR per semester).
Further to this service BIS provides a courtesy bus from Monday to Thursday for all Secondary School students who travel home by public transport after the After School Activities (ASA). This bus departs directly after the ASAs at 17:35, from the Reception area at BIS and stops at the S-Bahn station “Lohof” (S1 line) and then continues to the U-Bahn station “Garching-Hochbrück” (U6 line). From here students can use the public transport service to travel home.
We do our best to accommodate all applicants.
The Bavarian International School Bus System is an optional service provided for the BIS community and is designed to operate at no cost to the school. The cost of the service is calculated by the number of buses required to serve all routes and the number of users enrolled for the bus system.
Alrun Bauer
Transportation Manager| City Campus & Haimhausen Campus
Phone: +49 (0)8133/917-122 | Fax: +49 (0)8133/917-195 |

Please note
Due to a stipulation of German Law, all children from birth to age 12 / height under 150 cm must be secured in an authorized and age‐appropriate car seat. Our school buses are equipped with booster seats which fulfill the legal requirements for transporting children from age 4. For reasons of safety, insurance and liability, we highly recommend that children under 4 years of age should not travel on a school bus.



Since there are only a limited number of seats, please fill in the transport contract (bus contract), check that all the information is accurate and submit to the transport office as soon as possible to secure a seat for your child. Once fees are set, it is not possible to alter or cancel the bus contract.

Determining Factors

  • A minimum number of children are required to maintain and /or open a route
  • Enrollment for the bus must be completed before the deadline as we cannot guarantee late applications
  • Children who have previously travelled by school bus will be given priority
  • Areas with a poor public transport connection will be served provided there is a sufficient demand
  • Age of the child
  • Distance from school
  • Length of time the child would spend travelling by bus

For security reasons and stipulation of German Law, children (Early Childhood - Grade 4) have to be accompanied by adults to and from the bus stop.

Transport Schedule

Buses must arrive at school on time. We can only offer a certain number of bus stops per route. Students must be at the stop they are enrolled for at the correct time, which is at least 5 minutes before departure. Parents must be punctual when meeting the bus. Time delays affect the entire bus route and all other passengers on the bus. The bus cannot wait! No changes in the services will be made without the consent of the transportation office. BIS does not pay for taxis or other forms of transportation use, if students miss their bus.

Example Bus Stops and Fees

Individual stops can be arranged after consultation the Transportation Office.

Bus Fees

Delays / Emergency

For any school bus related issues, delays, late arrivals of your child(ren)’s school bus, and other issues, a very short message (SMS) will be forwarded to your mobile phones. Please do not forget to provide us with your mobile number and keep it switched on.


We try to accommodate a pick up/drop off point as close to your home as possible, but there is no claim for front door pick up. A walking distance (approximately 5 min.) to the bus stop is acceptable for all students.

The school reserves the right to suspend a student from using the school bus service for a limited time or for the remainder of the school year in case of vandalism, a serious breach of safety, bus rules, or of repeated misbehaviour on the bus.

The school reserves the right to choose the bus size, as well as to introduce a seating plan, if deemed necessary.

Occasional riders and /or guests must obtain authorisation from the transportation office in advance and will be billed proportionally to the term rate.

Costs / Cancellation

The cost of the service is divided among the users. The prices are calculated to cover the bus costs. The bus fee depends upon distance from school. No deductions will be made for absence due to irregular school hours. The bus contract is legally binding for a whole school year.

Bus fees are non refundable.

Cancellation of the transportation service should be made in writing one month in advance of the end of the term. Failure to comply with this condition will mean the school has the right to charge you in full for the service. Cancellations made throughout the year at any other time will present a cancellation fee of approximately 250 euro, unless a valid reason is given to the transport office. Reasons are deemed valid by Alrun Bauer, Transport Manager.

Change of Address of Phone Number

If you move during the school year, or if your telephone number changes, please inform the school at the earliest opportunity.

If you would like to avail of our school bus service for your children, please submit a bus contract to the admission office / transportation office. We would kindly ask you to check it and make sure all of the fields are filled in correctly.

Public Transport & MVV Bestellschein für eine Kundenkarte

School can be reached by public transportation:

  1. With S-Bahn (S1) from Munich/Freising to Lohhof Station (every 20 min).
  2. From Lohhof station you can catch the bus no. 693 to Haimhausen. The bus stop (Schloss Haimhausen) is very close to BIS.

More information: Please note: The bus no 693 runs infrequently. Click the following link to see the bus times.

The school is not involved in the decision-making with regards to time schedules and the fee structure of the public transportation system. Please understand that BIS can, therefore, only provide limited information about public transportation.

Students wishing to use public transportation are eligible to apply for a reduced 'monthly student ticket'. Application forms for a 'Monatskarte' are available at the Hauptbahnhof in Munich.

Your child’s MVV(train)-pass, including Zone 8, is valid for the bus ride to and from Haimhausen and Lohhof.

Requests for extensions to MVV-tickets will be issued in the Transportation Office (only valid for students of 15 years and above).

MVV Bestellschein für eine Kundenkarte (student discount)

Please download the form in the link above, and bring a completed copy of the printed form to the Transportation Office to receive the authorisation stamp.

Lohhof to BIS by Taxi

  • Airport Shuttle: Tel. 089/311 982 42
  • Mietwagenunternehmen Brigitte Reichenberger: Tel: 0175/ 47 47 322
  • Taxi ANDI: Tel.: 089/321 1819  od. Mob. 0170/743 2429

BIS is not obligated to pay for taxis, especially if the child misses their bus.

Contact Transport Office

For further information please feel free to contact our Transport Manager:

Alrun Bauer
Phone: +49 (0)8133/917-122
Fax: +49 (0)8133/917-195

Transportation Booklet and Safety Form