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Believe. Inspire. Succeed.

As our mission statement says, we are about inspiring and challenging young minds as a caring and committed international community to achieve excellence, assume responsibility and pursue life-long learning. At BIS a love of learning resonates in the halls and classrooms of our two campuses that transcends the academic curriculum as we teach the whole student to become motivated, responsible, lifelong learners who make a difference to our world.

A Unique International School ...

Moreover, BIS is truly unique and that uniqueness is represented in our name. Because we are an international school, we are an inclusive and open community. We welcome families from around the world and currently have 52 nationalities represented in our student body.

... in the Heart of Bavaria

At the same time, we are located in the heart of Bavaria where farmland is shared with large international corporations. From Munich to Ingolstadt and from Landshut to Augsburg, our student body comes from one of the most economic prosperous regions in the world.

Invest in Our Future

We view BIS as more than just a school but an investment in our future - and we are not alone. People, corporations and foundations recognize the benefit to our children, our community and our future by supporting BIS. The pages of this section provide an opportunity for all stakeholders in the school – students, parents, alumni, relatives, friends, local businesses, large corporations and charitable foundations – to make a donation and invest in our future.


Why is BIS fundraising?

For the operational budget the school receives money from tuition, fees and state subsidies. However, to advance the mission of the school beyond the limitation of these income sources, we are looking for support from the BIS community who value our mission and vision. Furthermore, gifts offset the inflationary costs of running the school - equipment and services - while keeping tuition as low as possible.

What is the fundraising vision of BIS?

BIS aims to be the leading international school providing inspired learning with focus on integrated technology and critical thinking. In expanding our modern and progressive teaching, we are preparing the next generation of problem solvers.

What are the BIS fundraising priorities?

We have 3 main goals:

  1. Scholarship programme
  2. Creativity and Innovation Centre
  3. Capital projects at both campuses

Why doesn't BIS just raise tuition instead of fundraising?

We pride ourselves on our open and inclusive international culture at BIS and we continually review our cost structure to make BIS affordable to all of its constituents. One of the main goals of the fundraising program is to provide scholarships which makes BIS accessable to social-economic levels.

How can I support BIS through non-financial means?

There are many ways to support BIS that are not financial. Everyone can help by simply spreading the word of BIS and its mission to all interested parties such as families interested in attending our school.

In addition, volunteering your time would be a great benefit to the school. He have numerous events on campus that rely on volunteer support such as the Career Day in January, 11th grade interview days in Nov and May, theatrical performances, sporting events including hosting visiting sports teams.

Your help in expanding the BIS network to support our curriculum programmes and development, e.g. work experience, is priceless.

Does BIS accept matched gifts from corporations?

Yes. Many companies match employee donations to nonprofit organizations, but each company has their own policy. We recommend that you speak with your human resource department about a matching gift program. in addition, contact Tom Aney ( / 0151-171-33860) in our Development Office for support.

Can I get tax benefits for my donation?

Yes, in Germany. BIS is a registered nonprofit in Germany so donations made to BIS are tax deductible for German taxpayers. Donors to BIS will receive the appropriate tax receipts for their tax returns. For US taxpayers, we do not have a 501(c)3 charity status in the USA so US taxpayers cannot yet make deductions. For other countries, we advise you to speak to your tax advisor.