Board of Directors

The Board is responsible for the management of the BIS Association. It carries out the resolutions of the General Meetings held in spring and fall of each year and is responsible for the finances of the Association. The annual budget is established by the Board and submitted to the General Meeting for approval. The accounting records of the school are audited annually by an accounting firm. Work for the Association, either as a member of the Board, in advisory groups, committees or in any other ways is honorary.

The Board members are elected by the parents of the school community to represent them in the governance of the school. The Board establishes the mission, vision and philosophy of the school, in collaboration with staff and parents, and sets the school's long-range goals.

The Board develops policies aimed at ensuring the safe, effective and efficient operation of the school. The Board delegates the responsibility of implementing these policies to the Director, in respect of the educational programme, personnel and day-to-day dealings with staff and students, and to the Business Director / Head of Administration with respect to the areas of finances, legal responsibilities, buildings, maintenance and security.

The Board meets regularly as a group and operates a series of sub-committees, which meet more frequently, as required.