City Campus

Primary School (EC - Grade 5)

Opened in January 2016, the BIS City Campus on Leopoldstrasse 208 in Munich is a beautifully renovated facility that caters to primary school students in Early Childhood (EC, 3 years old) to Grade 5. The campus is easily accessible via a range of convenient public transportation options and excellent road links. The downtown location is ideal for families with young children living in and around Munich.

The BIS City Campus is an authorised school for the IB Primary Years Programme. These are schools that share a common philosophy—a commitment to high quality, challenging, international education that Bavarian International School believes is important for our students.

Children attending our City Campus have the option to continue their secondary education at the BIS campus in Haimhausen. The Haimhausen Campus will continue to offer both Primary and Secondary education.


The BIS City Campus is a modern, purpose-built facility, offering students a dynamic and nurturing learning environment. The new facility has classroom space to accommodate up to 500 primary students and features the following amenities:

  • Secure playground surrounded by mature trees
  • Outdoor hardcourt for basketball and football
  • Cafeteria offering warm, healthy lunch options
  • Library with extensive selection of multilingual reading material
  • Music room equipped with an array of musical instruments
  • Two storey, generous sized indoor sports hall
  • Convenient access to public transportation
  • On-site nursing staff
  • Customised bus service


BIS provides a top quality international education, which continues to be the best investment for our children.Teodor Milev - Head of Education at MicrosofT

BIS e.V. is a welcome addition to our landscape, as this school provides a digital and international education already beginning in primary school.Dorothee Bär, Parliamentary Secretary for Digital Infrastructure and former spokeswoman of the CSU/CDU
An international school gives kids an appreciation for the world beyond their own country. It expands their horizons, and I know this from my own personal experience with my kids.William E. Moeller, U.S. Consul General Munich


Where is the BIS Primary City Campus located?

The school is located on Leopoldstrasse 208 in Munich, within the newly developing “Leopold Carré” area of Schwabing. It has excellent public transport connections, with a bus stop directly in front of the school, a tram stop behind the school, and it is a short 1.5 km away from the Münchner Freiheit underground station, which is served by the U3 and U6 lines.

What ages will be catered for at the City Campus?

We will provide education for 3-11 year olds, from Early Childhood through to Grade 5.

What educational programme will the City Campus follow?

The programme will be the same as in Haimhausen, namely the world-renowned International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (IBPYP). The BIS City Campus is an authorised school for the IB Primary Years Programme. These are schools that share a common philosophy—a commitment to high quality, challenging, international education that the Bavarian International School believes is important for our students.
We will, where necessary, adapt Units of Inquiry over time to reflect the different environment surrounding the City Campus.

Is there parking at the City Campus for drop-off and pick-up?

There is an organised drop-off and pick-up area. Please be aware that as this is a city campus, parking is extremely limited. Parents will probably find the many public transport options nearby to be more convenient.

Why does the City Campus only provide primary education and not secondary as well?

Firstly, it is of most benefit to our younger children to have as short a school-run as possible, as the school day with a lengthy commute is very long for them. A secondary school requires specialist teachers and specialist facilities. For a secondary school to be viable in the long term, it would require more space than we have available at the City Campus.

Is it a health concern to have a school in such close proximity to a petrol station?

Bavaria has the strictest of guidelines governing emissions and safety at petrol stations. Since 1998 it is obligatory for all petrol stations in Germany to use vapour recovery systems, which ensure that dangerous gases do not get released in to the air. (

Therefore it is deemed non-hazardous to health to be in close proximity to a petrol station. Furthermore, BIS has the contractual right to check any documentation pertaining to the Aral petrol station at any time.

Is there a safety concern regarding the petrol station?

We are in regular communication with the authorities, including specialists from foreign consulates in Munich, to ensure correct safety protocols are in place.

What is going to happen to the petrol station currently in front of the building on the Leopoldstrasse?

The lease for the petrol station expires five years from when we took over the property.

Is it a health concern to have the school in such close proximity to the Leopoldstrasse, and other large roads?

We have undertaken stringent measures to ensure that we provide our children and staff with an environmentally safe school.

The windows of the school directed towards the Leopoldstrasse will be non-opening, to reduce noise pollution, and the school will be equipped with a fresh air system, which constantly extracts air from the area behind the school and distributes it around the building.

We have also paid close attention to the materials with which the school is being built, to ensure that our pupils enjoy the same high, safe standard of quality as they do at our Haimhausen campus.