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Welcome to BIS


First page of the PDF file: Annual_Magazine_2021-22
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The new BIS Annual Magazine is live!

On 60 pages, the flagship publication of BIS tells small and big success stories, the “feature the teacher” editorial series, articles about special events, facts and figures, updates on the Creativity & Innovation Centre (CIC) and much more.

Beautifully laid out with impressive photos, the magazine is also a feast for the eyes. All BIS parents, faculty and staff received the BIS Annual Magazine, as well as high-profile contacts from business, politics, and media. The magazine is also available digitally on our website and in the BIS app.

Enjoy reading it!

First page of the PDF file: Anniversary_Magazine
First page of the PDF file: 211117_BIS_Leporello_CityCampus_100_210
First page of the PDF file: BIS_International_Festival_2022

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