Reasons why & Objectives


"Without BIS it would be much more difficult to attract the qualified managers and experts from around the world to come to Munich."
Dr. Manuel Cubero – Former CEO of Kabel Deutschland Holding AG

School fees only cover the day to day operational costs of BIS. Through your support for our future, BIS can deliver this extraordinary educational experience inside and outside of the classroom, also across socio-economic levels.

The innovation and fundraising program is an opportunity for the further development of the Bavarian International School and the realisation of the planned Creativity and Innovation Centre (CIC).

Our main funding objectives are:

  • The Creativity & Innovation Centre (CIC)
  • The further development of the City Campus
  • The promotion of excellence

All of this leads to an educational experience that prepares our children for a world in which they have the creative confidence to work within an international team and achieve something together that is bigger than they are. Believe. Inspire. Succeed.

Overall your support is highly important, because we care about our children and their future, our community and last but not least the prosperity and the further development of Munich and Bavaria.