The Innovation & Fundraising team of BIS

BIS established a department for Communications, Public Affairs and Fundraising, joining a small but growing number of international schools in Europe. This team builds a culture of active engagement and philanthropic giving among the BIS community, but above all develops close relationships with business, politics and major opinion leaders. Cooperations with companies are high on the agenda.

Among others the Innovation & Fundraising team is charged with:

- Executing Corporate, Brand and Content Communications

- Implementation of the Innovation and Future Campaign

- Establishment of strong networks within and outside the BIS Community

- Addressing and activating companies

- Development of co-operations and sponsorships

- Organisation of innovation and fundraising events

Making a financial contribution should not be done lightly and at the BIS Innovation & Fundraising Office we work with the donor as much as we work for the school to make the most out of every donation. This includes consulting financial experts and tax advisors to craft the best financial outcome with the biggest impact.

Alumni & Friends

At BIS we pride ourselves for our inclusivity so "alumni" means anyone who wants to stay in touch with the BIS community including students - even students who have not graduated from BIS, parents, staff and friends. If you send us your name and contact information, we will keep you informed - but not overwhelmed - of the latest news at BIS.

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”There is an old saying that charity begins at home. I love this adage because to me it means charity is something personal, something we learn and not something that we are born with. Moreover, becoming philanthropic is not easy, but as Oscar Wilde once said, “The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.”
Marko Mädge
Head of Communications & Public Affairs

Believe. Inspire. Succeed.

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