Creativity & Innovation Centre


"BIS has taught me the value of diversity: welcoming opposing perspectives enriches one's own ideas. This has opened my mind to regularly questioning the status quo. This ability to find alternative out of the box solutions to daily challenges has helped me succeed in my studies and my career."
Leonardo Peruzzi, BMW Financial Services and Marketing


BIS is looking for financial support for this monumental opportunity to give creativity and innovation a home. Imagine a school where the exploration of the sciences, the development of logical thinking through mathematics, the creativity of the arts, and the prototyping and testing of designs are under one roof - in Haimhausen.


What is the Creativity & Innovation Centre (CIC)?
The CIC is a new building planned for the Haimhausen campus replacing the old sports hall. The plans for the centre are complete with the target of having the building completed in 2.5 years after we break ground.

The CIC will be a STEAM building.
STEAM is an acronym that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths and is used to describe an educational approach to learning that incorporates these academic disciplines as an access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking.

STEAM is a way to take the benefits of STEM (in German the acronym is MINT) and complete the package by integrating these principles in and through the arts. It allows students to connect their learning in these critical areas together with arts practices, elements, design principles, and standards to provide the whole pallet of learning at their disposal. STEAM removes limitations and replaces them with wonder, critique, inquiry, and innovation.

What is Design Thinking Education?
Design Thinking Education takes the interdisciplinary learning of STEAM to the next level by bringing real world problems to the educational process. It is the driving process of innovation at many companies around the world and fits perfectly with the BIS mission: Inspiring and challenging young minds as a caring and committed international community to achieve excellence, assume responsibility and pursue life-long learning.

Why a building?
It solves our classroom capacity issues that we currently have on the Haimhausen campus. This is a permanent solution to the temporary containers in addition to allowing for growth in the secondary school.

How can you help?
With a cost for the whole project estimated at approximately €20 million, we are seeking donations for classrooms, labs and equipment, gathering areas and furniture. However, this is a signature project that could be interesting for one person, a corporation or a single charity that believes in preparing the next generation of leaders for the challenges of the future.

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