Reasons why & Objectives

In order to keep the high school-level and continue to invest in the "School of the Future", BIS is promoting a fundraising and sponsoring program.

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Make a Donation

There are various ways of supporting BIS - cashless & financial.

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Creativity & Innovation Centre

The new buliding for inspired learning towards design-thinking.

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Friends of BIS

Become a part of the BIS Giving Society.

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Believe. Inspire. Succeed.

As our mission statement says, we are about inspiring and challenging young minds as a caring and committed international community to achieve excellence, assume responsibility and pursue life-long learning. At BIS a love of learning resonates in the halls and classrooms of our two campuses that transcends the academic curriculum as we teach the whole student to become motivated, responsible, lifelong learners who make a difference to our world.

A Unique International School ...

Because we are an international school, we are an inclusive and open community. We welcome families from around the world and currently have 56 nationalities represented in our student body.


... in the Heart of Bavaria

At the same time, we are located in the heart of Bavaria where farmland is shared with large international corporations. From Munich to Ingolstadt and from Landshut to Augsburg, our student body comes from one of the most economic prosperous regions in the world. We are a strategic building block for attractiveness, internationalisation and employer branding - a factor for the further development of the economy and society in the greater Munich region.

Invest in the Future

We view BIS as more than just a school but an investment in our future - and we are not alone. People, corporations and foundations recognise the benefit to our children, our community and our future by supporting BIS. The pages of this section provide an opportunity for different stakeholders - e.g. companies, institutions, foundations, investment trusts, parents, alumni, friends and partners to make a donation and invest in our future of all kids, because it is our shared future.

We have three main objectives of our innovation and fundraising program:

Why has BIS started an innovation and fundraising program? School fees only cover the day to day operational costs of BIS. Through your support for our future, BIS can deliver this extraordinary educational experience inside and outside the classroom and also across socio-economic levels. The innovation and fundraising program is an opportunity for the further development of the whole school and an investment in the planned "Creativity and Innovation Centre (CIC)".