What is the MYP?

Community and service activities contribute directly to the development of our students as caring, informed, active and pro-active members of an international community. By participating in activities that benefit others – whether in our school, local or global community – students enlarge their perspective of the world and themselves, learn new skills – both personal and social – and support our communities, through an experiential context. Our vision is to embed service learning at the heart of the curriculum.

BIS Community Programme

MYP 1- 4:

All students are required to fulfill an individual service project. This can either be:

  • ONE activity which evidences commitment over a longer period of time (half semester or more) e.g. helping in the Primary School library OR
  • ONE short term activity per semester (e.g. helping at a PTO event)

MYP 5:

In preparation for the IBDP CAS (Creativity, Action and Service) Programme, all MYP 5 students are required to fulfill a long-term service project.

There are a wide range of service opportunities for all MYP 1 - 5 students within the framework of school but students are also encouraged to work within and benefit their own local communities. Please see below the list of ‘generic’ activities that are offered by BIS.

Grade Level Service Focus

MYP 1 – 5

Within the MYP framework and in addition to the above we have developed a community and service focus for each grade level In order for students to have exposure to a variety of service activities throughout the MYP. The pedagogical approach is two-fold. On the one hand, through class teaching units, student awareness and understanding of their focus is raised. On the other, there is experiential and hands on learning with students actively participating with their community and service focus. Each grade level focus includes the following:

  • a discrete unit of work related to the focus (delivered in Wellbeing sessions)
  • links to our local community
  • links to the IB CAS programme
  • guest speakers
  • a trip or activity related to the focus
  • proactivity by students

The grade level foci are as follows:

MYP 1 – Recycling – bottles are collected and the returned deposit money is donated to food kitchens in Munich and Dachau.

MYP 2 – Animals and their rights – students raise money and share information to raise awareness of the plight of homeless animals in the Munich area. All classes visit an animal shelter.

MYP 3 – ShelterBox – the mission of the ShelterBox organisation is to rapidly deliver humanitarian aid bringing shelter, warmth and dignity to families made homeless by disasters worldwide. Students run activities to raise awareness and raise funds for this activity.

MYP 4 – MiBiKids – the aim is to help children who have migrated (usually for economic/work reasons) to Germany. They teach the children German and help them to cope with and integrate more easily into the German school system and German culture.

MYP 5 – supporting disability and awareness and our partner school in Nepal – SMD.

An important part of the service learning cycle is the reflective process and allows meaning to be gained out of the service experience. It is an opportunity for students to think critically about their experiences, assess their strengths and weaknesses and most importantly empowers students to learn from themselves. From the assessment perspective, it also allows mentors to monitor the quality of service and a student’s understanding of community. Reflection can be done in many ways – through presentations, group discussions, displays, etc.

Whatever the activity or service contributing to community, it is expected that students will be changed for the better by the process and that significant learning will result.