Extended Essay

The purpose of this essay is to develop skills in the methods of critical research. Students will choose one of their subjects, most usefully the one that will be studied at university, and select a topic for research. With the help of a teacher supervisor the student will work over several months to produce an essay of a maximum of four thousand words. Past experience has shown that the majority of students derive intense satisfaction from the completion of a very thorough, personal piece of work.

The topic is usually chosen at the beginning of the third term in Grade 11, and the final essay handed in in the first term in Grade 12.

Extended Essay Assessment

The Extended Essay is marked out of 36 points. Points are awarded for research questions, introduction, investigation, knowledge and understanding, reasoned argument, analysis and evaluation, use of subject language, conclusion, format, presentation, abstract and holistic judgement.

Failure to complete an Extended Essay will exclude a student from the award of the IB Diploma.