BIS High School Diploma

The BIS High School Diploma is a flexible study package in Grades 11 and 12 that is tailored to suit an individual’s needs and consists of subjects selected from groups one to six in the IB Diploma framework. Special Electives, for example in sport, which cater for individual strengths and interests may also be possible after discussion with the Principal and the agreement of teaching departments and supervisors.

Student Choice

High School Diploma students have a great deal of flexibility when deciding on the HSD programme. For example:
  • They can elect to follow fewer subjects at Higher Level than the three demanded by the IB Diploma;
  • They can also elect to study all subjects at Standard Level;
  • They can elect to study a combination of IB Certificate courses and internally accredited BIS Diploma courses in which assignments and assessments are modified to suit individual requirements.
All High School Diploma Students are expected to:
  • Complete the full Creativity, Action and Service programme;
  • Participate fully in the Theory of Knowledge course;
  • Complete a 2,000 word Extended Essay;
  • Comply with the minimum 85% attendance requirement for all BIS students.

Transcripts and Credits

High School Diploma students must achieve 24 credits in order to obtain their Diploma. Each course successfully completed since Grade 9 will be recorded on the official BIS transcript. Credits are also awarded for the Extended Essay, Theory of Knowledge and the Creativity, Service and Action programme. Students continuing into further or higher education will be required to produce this document for entry into colleges and universities.

Recent High School Diploma students have been accepted in foundation and degree courses in the UK and US, taken up apprenticeships in Germany, gone to hotel schools in Switzerland and gained places at private business schools in Munich and London. Help is given to High School Diploma students to plan their study and career paths after graduating.