Science in a transdisciplinary programme

Science at BIS is taught entirely within the PYP Programme of Inquiry. We have drawn on a number of documents in the process of refining our scope and sequence. We want our students to experience the benefits of science taught within an international curriculum and we set scientific ways of knowing and seeing the world as its primary goal. Science and technology provides opportunities for students to engage in scientific investigations by making accurate observations, handling tools, recording and comparing data, and formulating explanations using their own scientific experiences and those of others. Students will gain experience in testing their own assumptions and thinking critically about the perspectives of others in order to further develop their own ideas. A conceptual approach to science will develop the transdisciplinary thinking, communication, and research skills outlined in this document.

We have developed the Science Strands from the IBO PYP Science Scope and Sequence documentation as well as international and national curriculum standards. These documents have provided guidance in designing the Programme of Inquiry for BIS and ensuring a balance of the significant strands of Science. They are:

Life Systems
  • The investigation of living things
  • The investigation of interactions between living things and their environments

Earth and Space
  • The planet earth and its relationship to the universe

  • The origins, properties and uses of natural and human made materials

Force and Energy
  • The nature, sources and types of energy
  • The transformations of energy
  • The role of energy in human life

The science curriculum at BIS is reflected in detail in the planners in the Programme of Inquiry. Knowledge, Concepts and Skills are outlined in this document.