The Elective Programme in Primary School Haimhausen

The EP is intended to raise the level of balance each child gains from our curriculum to develop them in all ways including social, physical, emotional and academic.

Therefore, please read the options table carefully to determine which activities add to your child’s overall balance at BIS. All activities are available for students to sign up and join and we recommend that they try out different activities each time.

The Elective Programme is mandatory for each student from Grades 1 – 5 every Thursday unless we have received a written parental request to be excused for an activity the child is engaged in outside of the school during this time. We know that some students may have committed to an external session with a tutor or sports coach, so we will continue to honour this on Thursdays only from 15.10, once Mrs. Hölzl has received your request in writing.

EP sign up is conducted online. This means you will be able to sit together with your child and select the EP of their choice.

Should you have any queries about the Elective Programme in our Haimhausen Primary School, please contact Annette Austin, our Primary School Deputy Principal / PYP coordinator. Email: