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Welcome to BIS

Parent Teacher Organisation

Building a stronger community

One of the strongest first impressions for students and families at BIS is the embrace of the community. The Parent Teacher Organisation e.V. (PTO) is a key part of the community and is made up of volunteer parents and staff members. Their mission is to enrich the overall educational and cultural experiences for all families at BIS and encourage mutual support among staff, parents and students across both campuses. 

The Admissions team at BIS puts all new families in touch with a representative of the Family Welcome Committee, which is the heart of the PTO. Happy to share their experiences and insights are volunteer representatives for the different grade levels at each campus as well as from diverse language groups so that new families quickly find a home away from home in the greater Munich region. General membership in the PTO is free of charge and open to all current parents.

Building a strong community network, supporting students and teachers through PTO fundraising, and communicating with parents through e-newsletters are goals of the PTO. The PTO intranet site, Facebook groups and in-person meetings provide different channels for communication. Large and small events, such as the International Festival, Christmas Market, Quiz Night, Spooky Day, Jingle Mingle and Welcome Back BBQ are sponsored and presented by PTO volunteers and are designed to build community while raising funds that contribute to the Annual Grant Program. 

Welcome Representatives: