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Countless Ways to Enrich Our Children's Education

The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) at BIS is made up of volunteer parents and staff. The mission of the PTO is to enrich the overall educational and cultural experiences for all families at BIS and encourage mutual support among staff, parents/guardians, and students across both campuses. Our goals are to help everyone feel at home in the BIS community.
What we do:
  • Building community through Grade/Language/Area Representatives, Welcome
  • Picnics, Staff Appreciation Luncheons, and other seasonal events
  • Communicating with parents via e-Newsletter, BIS school PTO page, BIS Facebook Groups and PTO Meetings
  • Supporting staff by using all proceeds from the Christkindlmarkt, International Festival, and other events to fund the Annual Grants Program, which returns all profits back into the school to benefit our BIS staff, students and community.


PTO Executive Committee
The PTO is run by volunteers (all parents of students at BIS) and participation in all PTO activities is most welcome. To learn more about the PTO, please visit the BIS Parents Portal or contact us:

Vice Chair:
Communications & Membership:
Welcome Representatives:
PTO Representatives
Besides the PTO Executive Committee, we also have volunteer Parent Representatives for each campus’s Grade Level. The Grade Level Representatives meet with their respective School Principal every couple of months to touch base and share communication both ways on relevant Grade Level matters. If you have individual concerns regarding your child’s learning then you need to contact the relevant teacher directly and follow the BIS Parent Contact Guidelines. We also have representatives for most of our nationalities and our regional areas.

Throughout the year there are gatherings coordinated by our volunteer Grade Representatives, Language Representatives and Area Representatives. This is a great way to get to know other parents at BIS.
Information regarding PTO events and activities is disseminated in one or more of the following ways:
  • Flyers posted at the school
  • Information sent home with your student
  • Posts on the BIS Parents Portal
  • Materials and representatives presented at PTO meetings
  • Posts on the (unofficial) Facebook page BIS Moms & Dads
  • Emails sent out by the lower, middle, and upper school offices, as well as by the assistant to the Director.
Areas of Interest
Fundraising at PTO Events
The PTO supports young entrepreneurs and their desire to help others and themselves. As an organisation committed to raising funds for the school, we well know the value of community service and the amount of dedication and effort it requires. The child(ren) of BIS may apply to the PTO to raise funds at PTO events. In order to be fair to all fundraising students as well as to the PTO committees organizing the events, we have developed an application for students and guidelines for their adult sponsors which can be found of the PTO Website.

Annual Grant Program
All of the proceeds from the PTO events throughout the school year go into the PTO Grant Program, which supports projects, activities, and items that are not eligible through the school’s operational budget. The Grant Program is designed to spread the funds as widely as possible, and to reach a great number of BIS Community Members. All BIS teachers, staff, parents running ASAs, or students in clubs are welcome to submit a Grant Request. In the past the PTO Grants have supported pianos, playground paint, microscopes, school productions as well as providing many other materials that benefit our community.

Culture Club
The Culture Club hosts a variety of activities throughout the school year. Activities are open to parents from both campuses, and cover a wide range of outings in and around Munich, including art gallery visits, attending Oktoberfest, shopping trips to Ingolstadt Village and hiking trips in the local mountains. Details are shared through Facebook and via the eNewsletter. The Culture Club Coordinator can be contacted at 
General Meetings
The PTO holds General Meetings usually every month. Meetings are held at both the Haimhausen and City Campuses, with the aim to keep families updated with information, news, events and happenings throughout the four schools. Meetings are held on a Wednesday, with some being held in the morning and others being held in the early evening to enable working parents to attend. Families are welcome to attend any PTO Meeting at both the Haimhausen and City Campuses, irrespective of whether or not their child is a student at that campus. 

General membership in the PTO is free of charge and open to all current parents. To join the PTO is only requires to fill out a membership form. The membership form can be found on the PTO webpage through the BIS Intranet or by emailing


Login to the Parents Portal (click the Parents link in the banner at the top of the page; contact Admissions for your login name and password) and click on the BIS PTO icon to get the calendar of Events & Activities.

We look forward to seeing you!

One Family: The Parent-Teacher-Organisation (PTO)

“Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.”- Theophrastus

The most common form of support comes from our volunteers. The Parent-Teacher-Organisation (PTO) is the best example of volunteers supporting BIS and we are extremely grateful for their time and energy. In addition to volunteering for the PTO, we are always interested in having parents and alumni come on campus to talk to the students at Assembly or at our Career Day in January. Other ways to support BIS include advising the school in technical matters, e.g. taxes, providing two-week internships for our 10th graders or simply opening doors to persons or institutions that could support the school.

Become a volunteer!