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Dr. Gregory Rasmussen
May 8th 19:00, Hilton Munich Park

THE AFRICAN PAINTED DOG is a fascinating species that once lived all over subsaharan Africa.

Formerly called "African Wild Dog" to justify their slaughter there are now not more than 3000-5000 individuals left in the wild.

Painted Dogs live as nomads in family groups that have a different social life from all other canine species we know: there is a very flat hierarchy and violence free structures. The smartest individual takes the lead and the whole group cares for the very young and the very old. They perform very complicated hunting strategies and some of their ways of communication are yet to be explored.

The fight is on to keep them from being extinct before we have learned more about these captivating cousins of wolves and our house dogs.

Please join us on May 8’th at 19:00 in the Hilton Munich Park where Dr. Gregory Rasmussen will share a fascinating story about he and his team are working for the survival of the whole eco system through education and involvement of the local communities to diminish poaching, bush meat trade and further exploitation of natural resources. Their scientific work covers ethology and the migration of the Painted Dogs which lead a nomadic life and are therefore very difficult to track. For more information, click here. Dr. Rasmusen is the founder of the Painted Dog Research Trust that is dedicated to the conservation of the highly endangered Painted dog.

As always, we will have plenty of time to socialize and enjoy a pleasant dinner together. The dinner will cost €20 and drinks will be charged separately. (Please note that last minute cancellations will not be possible and in such case you will still have to cover the cost of the dinner)

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