BIS Business Community

BBC is a forum of BIS parents that enables better information sharing and interaction around commercial and business related topics. It brings together parents from unique, diversified and interesting business and professional backgrounds. They all chose to educate their children at Bavarian International School gAG
The BBC holds community meetings three times a year, as well as interacting through a LinkedIn group.
What can the BBC offer you?
The BBC gives you the chance to meet and socialise with other parents from the school community. It offers unique opportunities through networkings and you can also benefit from the extensive business knowledge that BBC brings together, helping you with business issues such as accounting, legal, IT and other related topics.
In addition to the BBC will allow you to contribute to the education of students through events such as Career Day, and supporting work experience opportunities and similar initiatives.
Finally it is an opportunity to get out of your daily life, enjoy good company and have interesting conversations on new and exciting topics from people of all walks of life.
BBC Community Gathering

All BIS parents are welcomed to join the BBC, the community has three annual gatherings which take place in the fall, winter and spring. The gatherings take place at BIS or in different venues in Munich. BBC gatherings include a presentation on a changing topic. We try to bring interesting topics with relevance to the business community, open discussion, buffet dinner and time for socialising and networking.

LinkedIn Group

The BBC encourages members to join its LinkedIn group called BBC Munich. The LinkedIn group allows parents to connect with one another. The LinkedIn “BBC Munich” group can be reached through the following link:


Please use this link to log in and send a request to join. Please also state that you have children at BIS as there are requests to join from people who are not BIS parents.