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Welcome to BIS

30 Years of BIS

Diversity Rocks! Anniversary Event

In 2021, the Bavarian International School (BIS) turned 30 years old. From the first class of five students in 1991, to a leading international school with more than 1,250 students, BIS has always stood for academic excellence and caring community. This year was not only a major anniversary for BIS, it was also a "Year of Innovation."

The history of Bavarian International School began on the 18th of February 1991. In rented rooms of a former Primary School in Goldach/Hallbergmoos, the doors opened for the first time for the first five students: Katie B., Julia and Christopher W., Deborah D. and Sebastian M. At the end of the school year, there were 12 students from five nations. Three decades later, approx. 1,250 students from more than 60 nations attend BIS on two campuses. The school is now one of the leading international schools in Germany and Europe. Read more about where we started and how we got to where we are today, here

In 2021, we were celebrating in many ways. In February, we launched a new brand and logo, along with an award-winning website. In March, we announced our first-ever scholarship, in cooperation with DEUTSCHE FINANCE GROUP. In September, we launched a new school mobile app. We hosted our community of learners (teachers, staff, students, and their families) for a special event at our Haimhausen campus. We published an anniversary edition BIS magazine, sharing new stories of our school. We also kicked-off our information and fundraising campaign for an exciting new chapter in the school's history: Building the Creativity and Innovation Centre (CIC).  

Our special anniversary magazine!

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Thank you!

Our anniversary event was made possible through the financial support of sponsors, generous in-kind sponsorships and excellent collaboration with specialised partners. The Bavarian International School would like to express its sincere thanks to all sponsors, both large and small. We wish to especially thank DEUTSCHE FINANCE GROUP, Augustiner Keller, Weingut Kitzer, ORGANIC GARDEN, CANCOM, Classic Car Sharing Club, Aqua Monaco, I DO, Autobus Oberbayern, European Business School, The Duke Gin, evoDrinks and Sparkasse Dachau. 

In addition, we would like to thank the entire "Team BIS" for their support: Students and teachers, alumni, the Communications Team, the Facilities Team and many more.

Our partner for event management, hygiene concept and corona regulations management: GRAL

Our partner for catering: ORGANIC GARDEN