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Welcome to BIS


BIS has a warm, lively, and engaged community. Our Parent Community Council is an important driver of our community, bringing together staff, students, parents and others, on a regular basis. Our alumni network connects BIS graduates with our current school population and projects. We host a number of special events for our school community, with one special highlight being our 30th anniversary. The Friends of BIS group works to support our school financially, bringing in donations as well as sponsoring scholarships and financial aid for students. 

BIS Merchandise Shop

BIS has a strong community spirit; everyone is an ambassador! That's why BIS created and launched it's own merchandising shop in Spring of 2022. Community members, as well as alumni and the general public, can purchase BIS branded clothing and accessories. All proceeds from the BIS merchandise shop go to Friends of BIS, e.V., a non-profit association, with the sole purpose of supporting the long-term sustainability and development of the Bavarian International School gAG.