The Arts


Visual Arts

The BIS Art Department can be found up under the beams of the top floor of the Schloss. The environment is exciting and dynamic with all sorts of artistic endeavours continually happening. Students express themselves through Drawing, Painting, Printmaking and Sculpture/3D and Digital Photography.
The Visual Art Department's high points each alternate year are the Wearable Art Show and Sculpture Residency Project. All art students from grades 9 to 12 will “strut their stuff” on the catwalk, showing off marvellous, one-of-a-kind wearable sculptures they have created from challenging materials. They will also have the opportunity to design and create in 3D form, collaborating with a professional Sculptor for an in-school residency which contributes to the growing BIS Sculpture Garden situated at the athletics track.
Although art is all around us, it is often missed through familiarity or lack of observation. It is the aim of the Art Department to get students to SEE AGAIN, with new eyes, the wonders of everyday things….. the extraordinary in the ordinary. All students will research into different artists and movements, collate information and gain personal inspiration from other cultures, museum visits, sketches, experiments, critiques, plans and notes. They will create individual or group art works and pursue their own visual journey as a result of their particular artistic intent.

Theatre Arts

Drama is a vital part of BIS school life, and takes place primarily in the newly appointed Drama Studio found in the old gym, in small studio theatre The Carriageway, and in the Auditorium. We also hold festival days and site-specific performances all over the school.
As part of the IB Continuum, three members of staff deliver dedicated drama lessons in the Middle Years Program, and for the Diploma. In Grades 6 - 8 students study drama as part of the integrated arts course, finding ways to link their performance skills to other artistic experiences. In Grade 9 and Grade 10, as students specialise in one or two art subjects, we typically have around 45 students taking the drama course. These students embark on a varied course looking at texts, mask, physical theatre, technical theatre and devising.
The Diploma in theatre is a challenging and rewarding course. There are currently over twenty students taking the diploma at Higher and Standard Level, creating work collaboratively and individually and studying texts and international theatre traditions. The course is assessed entirely through projects, and does not have final exams.
Every year there are two theatre productions, a middle school production and a high school production. The students and teachers of the entire Arts Department work together to produce costumes, music and sets for the productions, which involve students’ creativity. In 2016 London-based writer David Jackson was commissioned to write a new version of The Odyssey especially for BIS. Each year the high school production tours to other international schools in the area. We also run an Improv and Comedy Club for middle school students.
BIS hosts an ISTA Festival every other year: in 2016 we are proudly hosted a large High School Festival, where we welcomed students from all over the world to create in our wonderful surroundings. All students had the opportunity to take part in an international trip to the ISTA festival at some point during the year.
As part of the arts department, the drama teachers recognise the potential of drama to enhance learning in many other subjects, so they take every opportunity to run collaborative training sessions to share best practice.



The BIS Music Department’s Credo is: Students learn through performing and creating music. We work hard to ensure that every student has a chance to experience music in both a personal and social way.
The Music program seeks to actively engage students in their academic lessons. Each unit explores different ideas and concepts in music including: Creation (composition), Performance (both inside and outside of the classroom), and the Listening and Analysis of music (theory and form).
The Music IB Diploma Program helps students recognise and articulate musical elements realised in diverse examples, as well as areas of performance and investigation of musical knowledge. The course teaches the importance of music in historical terms and also as a medium of self-expression and as a tool for better understanding people across the world. The course will encourage students to become more interested and sensitive to musical worlds by exploring the social, historical, and cultural influences of music.


Extra-curricular Music

Music is also supported outside of the classroom. We are proud to offer several ensembles at the school including: Jazz Band, Percussion Ensemble, BIS Philharmonic, Prima Voce, and Intermezzo. In Addition, Students have the opportunity to take private lessons at the school in a variety of instruments.
Music is a vital and vibrant part of the landscape at the Bavarian International School.


Private Teachers at BIS


Zsuzsanna Martha is a professional violinist, highly experienced violin and enthusiastic piano teacher.

Contact details: 
Zsuzsanna Martha
phone: +49 157 8463 4645