After School Activities


At BIS we offer a wide range of activities that aim to be inclusive and holistic. Embracing the philosophy of After School Activity for all, we provide recreational as well as competitive and performance orientated activities with a number of opportunities for representative involvement.

ASA’s run from Early Childhood to Grade 12 and operate in three seasons; Fall - August to December, Winter – January to March and Spring – April to July. In recognition of the long school day we do restrict Early Childhood to Grade 1 generally to Friday afternoons.

BIS has an extensive after school activity programme. Our students can participate in a variety of engaging activities including:

  • intramural sports, like Judo, Gymnastics or Tennis
  • team sports to include Football, Basketball, Volleyball
  • personal fitness groups such as Yoga, Pilates, Swimming and Cross Country
  • performing arts, such as Musical Ensembles, Choir, Glee Club & school productions
  • creative arts, including multi media work and Painting
  • design technology and young engineer projects
  • outdoor education, such as the International Award
  • other extracurricular activities such as Brownies, Irish Dance, Gymnastic Dance & Ballet

Please refer to our campus specific pages for more details on what's on offer throughout the school year.