High Quality Health and Service
Through the care of a dedicated health department for both campuses, BIS assures that students and staff are in safe hands, not only in the classroom but also when they are feeling unwell and need health care or advice. The team of engaged and experienced nurses takes care of everyday health problems, allergies, and injuries, and offers students with chronic diseases, such as diabetes, daily care and support. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the health care team has spearheaded the implementation of extra precautions to prevent the spread of infection. 

In addition to their daily work, the nursing team offers injury care during sports tournaments, first aid for accidents, field trip preparation, administration of doctor-proscribed regular medication, flu vaccinations for all staff, child protection services, maintenance of health and vaccination records for students, and cooperation with local health and school authorities.

We encounter a diverse amount of issues and challenges,” says BIS Head Nurse Julia Lönker, “which means one day never resembles the next. This is what makes the job as a nurse at BIS so exciting and interesting. It gives us a great sense of satisfaction to feel as though we can make a difference, not only providing day to day care, but also being in a position to educate young people to ensure that they continue to lead healthy lives.

Safe and Convenient Shuttle Service

Bavarian International School offers a bus shuttle service for our two campuses in Haimhausen (district of Dachau 15 km north of Munich) and Munich-Schwabing (Leopoldstraße 208). Safety, service, punctuality and real-time communication via the BIS app are the top priorities of the transportation team and the drivers.  

The bus service is available for the greater Munich area and many outlying towns and villages. It is an optional offer for parents. Approximately 80% of families use this BIS service, which includes pick-up and drop-off points within five to ten minutes of their parents' home.

The BIS transportation team closely monitors routes and schedules throughout the school year to make sure that the best service possible is offered to our families. In addition to the normal pick-up and drop-off, we provide a shuttle bus from/to the metro station Garching-Hochbrück (U6) in the morning and after school, a courtesy bus from Monday to Thursday for all Secondary School students who travel home by public transport after their "After School Activities" and a new City Line Bus with fixed stops at Odeonsplatz, Münchner Freiheit and BIS City Campus - a service for all BIS Haimhausen Campus students living in the city center of Munich.

For more information please contact our transportation team directly -

The Impact of Good Nutrition

The Impact of Good Nutrition
BIS was able to attract STROMBERG* as our food and nutrition expert for both campuses in Munich-Schwabing and Haimhausen, beginning August 2020. 

"We are not a caterer, but your long term nutrition partner - environmentally friendly, regional, seasonal and organic,” explains Holger Stromberg, CEO, who served as the German national football team nutritionist and executive cook for the 2014 FIFA World Cup title in Brazil.

Based on organic and seasonal food provided by agriculture farms in our region, the BIS nutrition program is designed to raise awareness about the impact of good nutrition and improve the performance of students at any age. 

Many school cafeterias serve children daily dishes based on simple carbohydrates and an unnaturally large amount of meat or animal products. Due to the sugar load and the predominantly saturated fatty acids contained in these foods, there is a short-term risk of a drop in performance (concentration, vision, memory) and a long- term risk of diseases such as obesity, metabolic diseases or cardiovascular disorders.

Our concept for school nutrition "EAT CLEVER@SCHOOL" is therefore based on 100% plant-based nutrition. Every day we offer your child two versions of a freshly prepared meal, carefully designed and tailored to the needs of a student.

The dish of the day is purely plant-based (= vegan), i.e. prepared completely without animal products. From this we create a second version by "topping" the dish of the day with animal products. This can be meat, fish, eggs or dairy products. Even then, we always use organic meat, free-range eggs (farming method 0 to 1), organic dairy products and fish from sustainable fishing or breeding.

Avoiding Food Waste
We are happy to take into account any confessional particularities of your child. As far as possible, we are also happy to take the most common allergies into account.

Our concept actively works against food waste. This is one of the reasons we do not offer a permanent, classic salad bar. Our alternative is to offer more often small side salads and salad dishes in the menu that match the dish of the day. By adding toppings (grains, animal or vegetable protein sources, berries, etc.), these become a full-fledged main course.

We invest the resources conserved by our concept in the quality of the food and a more respectful, manually fresh preparation of the meals for your child.

As an alternative to the school lunch in the cafeteria, your child can buy a predominantly warm, hand-made lunch snack at the snack bar (which becomes a "light lunch / snack bar" during lunch periods). Outside lunchtime, the snack bar offers vary according to the time of day and the different needs of school children, e.g. topped as well as uncoated organic baked goods (purely vegetable or with animal products), yoghurt (or coconut yoghurt) with granola and fruits, home-made cookies etc.

I strongly believe that forcing people into a healthy life-style is utterly wrong. I´d rather encourage people to change their attitudes and habits for the sake of a wholesome and sustainable nutrition.- Holger Stromberg, CEO of STROMBERG*

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