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Organic Garden School Nutrition

With Organic Garden as our food and nutrition partner for both campuses, we offer a healthy, environmentally friendly and delicious nutrition programme. 

The future of nutrition starts in childhood: That's why Organic Garden aims to inspire children to eat food that tastes delicious and is healthy for people and planet earth at the same time. 

Regional, seasonal and fresh: Organic Garden offers high-quality dishes with a focus on regional and seasonal products as well as a high organic share. All meals are freshly cooked on a daily basis. 

Vegetables are the star on the plates: Based on the recommendations of the German Nutrition Society (DGE), Organic Garden clearly focuses on plant-based foods. Vegetables form the basis of all dishes and are optionally supplemented by animal products – always presented and prepared in a varied and child-friendly way. 

Catering with purpose and expertise: At Organic Garden, nutrition does not end on the individual plate. With the help of digital communication tools, workshops or the integration of nutrition experts into the lessons, Organic Garden teaches children about nutrition in a playful way. So that little eaters become big nutrition experts in the future.

Together, Nikita Stromberg (left) and Carola Petrone (right) manage the School Nutrition division at Organic Garden


"Our goal is to make a lasting change to the school cafeteria landscape: To make it healthier and to set completely new standards for the future of nutrition." 


"Introducing healthy habits begins in childhood and adolescence and is a prerequisite for responsible eating behaviors of tomorrow." 

Learn more about the Organic Garden School Nutrition.

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