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Welcome to BIS



We support an environmentally friendly, regional, seasonal, and organic nutrition programme. 

ORGANIC GARDEN is our food and nutrition partner for both campuses. Based on organic and seasonal food provided by agriculture farms in our region, the ORGANIC GARDEN nutrition program EAT CLEVER@SCHOOL is designed to raise awareness about the impact of good nutrition and improve the performance of students at any age. 

We also actively work against food waste. This is one of the reasons we do not offer a permanent, classic salad bar. Our alternative is to offer more often small side salads and salad dishes in the menu that match the dish of the day. By adding toppings (grains, animal or vegetable protein sources, berries, etc.), these become a full-fledged main course. We invest the resources conserved by our concept in the quality of the food and a more respectful, manually fresh preparation of the meals for your child.

As an alternative to the school lunch in the cafeteria, your child can buy a warm, hand-made snack (light lunch) at the snack bar. Outside of lunchtime, the snack bar offers vary according to the time of day and the different needs of school children, such as organic baked goods (purely vegetable or with animal products), yoghurt (or coconut yoghurt) with granola and fruits, home-made cookies, etc.

Holger Stromberg, CCO - Chief Culinary Officer of Organic Garden AGI strongly believe that forcing people into a healthy life-style is utterly wrong. I´d rather encourage people to change their attitudes and habits for the sake of wholesome and sustainable nutrition.

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