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Welcome to BIS



Through the care of a dedicated health department for both campuses, BIS assures that students and staff are in safe hands, not only in the classroom but also when they are feeling unwell and need health care or advice. The team of engaged and experienced nurses takes care of everyday health problems, allergies, and injuries, and offers students with chronic diseases, such as diabetes, daily care and support. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, the health care team has spearheaded the implementation of extra precautions to prevent the spread of infection. 

In addition to their daily work, the nursing team offers injury care during sports tournaments, first aid for accidents, field trip preparation, administration of doctor-proscribed regular medication, flu vaccinations for all staff, child protection services, maintenance of health and vaccination records for students, and cooperation with local health and school authorities.

“One day never resembles the next. This is what makes the job as a nurse at BIS so exciting and interesting," says BIS Head Nurse Julia Lönker. "It gives us a great sense of satisfaction to feel as though we can make a difference, not only providing day to day care, but also being in a position to educate young people to ensure that they continue to lead healthy lives."