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Welcome to BIS

We are an "Eco-School"

The Bavarian International School (BIS) is a three-star "Eco-School in Europe ‒ International Sustainability School".

This certification is given by the Bavarian State Ministry of Environment and Consumer Protection as well as the Ministry Education and Cultural Affairs Ministry, in cooperation with the German Society for Environmental Education (DGU) and the State Association for the Protection of Birds (LBV). The initiative has also received official recognition from UNESCO.

The Bavarian International School is committed to sustainable development. While our commitment to the environment is long-standing, student-led action began in earnest in 2018. We are currently focusing on Healthy Living, Biodiversity, Waste and Sustainable Mobility with a huge variety of mini-projects within these umbrella titles.

The project has grown to include a Grade Level Project for all Grade 9 students, student-led After School Activities across the campuses known as The Green Team (Secondary school), The Eco-Agents (Haimhausen Campus Primary), The Eco Club (City Campus Primary), the forming of an Eco-Committee which engages members from all aspects of the school community, the cafeteria and external community partners including two local permaculture projects and links with the Naturschutzbund. The enthusiastic students gather information and research through all channels and networks and build connections to global organisations that are committed to sustainable development and environmental protection.

In 2022, two BIS green team received the "Climate Heroes Award." Among 80 participants, BIS Blooms and BIS Giving Greens took first and second place in the competition, organised by the Arvantis Social Foundation. Collectively, the teams were awarded 20,000 euros in prize money. 

We welcome all individuals interested in our goal to contact, to get involved and become Change-Makers in Sustainability!

Follow our student-led Green Team on Instagram @thegreenteambis

Eco Agents
Climate Heroes Award