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Welcome to BIS


Visual & Performing Arts

At the Bavarian International School, we believe art and creative self-expression is at the heart of what it means to be human.

At BIS, students enjoy uplifting and amazing experiences in the performing and visual arts at BIS, as they engage in exploring, investigating, creating, responding to and reflecting on a range of art forms. The students' visual and performing art expresses their personal and cultural ideas, beliefs and feelings which is communicated to audiences through a range of platforms.

As their skills and knowledge are built, they develop empathy, self-confidence, imagination, curiosity and adaptability, as they learn to understand many cultures and consider multiple perspectives. These experiences begin in Early Childhood classes with specialist teachers all the way through to the IB Diploma (DP) where they can study music, theatre or visual arts. They share their creative work, both in the classroom and through a range of performances, exhibitions and presentations in and outside the classroom, with collaborative work providing a sense of belonging and community.

Events such as the Arts Exhibition in the Haimhausen Castle, the Wearable Art show, theatre productions, International Schools Theatre Association (ISTA) festivals, workshops with visiting international artists, music concerts and recitals, as well as performances at the Christmas Market and International Spring Festival, foster connections between students and the community.

Students develop their creative and technical skills in private music lessons, provided on campus, as well as participating in musical ensembles, art workshops and plays and musicals as part of the After School Activity program. 

Being creative is at the heart of being human and of all cultural progress.
- Sir Ken Robinson