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Welcome to BIS


Academic excellence

The Bavarian International School (BIS) is more than just a school. It is a centre of international diversity, a catalyst for the flourishing of each individual child, and an innovative place for inspiring global citizens. At BIS, young minds are nurtured and prepared for the dynamic, disruptive, technological world of life and work.

Personalised and holistic education is the credo. This means focusing on each individual child in all aspects of development: Academic, creative, social, emotional, ethical and physical. To think critically, to communicate openly, and to be a self-confident life-long learner defines what it means is to be a successful BIS student. On the path of courageous innovation, mistakes are allowed to be made. BIS students accept personal responsibility for their own actions, for the community and for the environment.

With 1,150 students from 61 nations, BIS is a truly international school. The spirit of open-mindedness, caring, cooperation and kindness is experienced daily on the two campuses in Munich-Schwabing and Haimhausen. Our graduates attend the best universities and travel the world, and they remain part of a strong community for their entire lives: The BIS family.

Why is "Inspire" so important to us? Find out.

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