There is no Planet B

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BeInSp!red Innovation Summit 2019

"BeInSp!red" - this is our motto for the Bavarian International School gAG (BIS) Innovation Congress, which we organize for our 240 international students aged 11-14.
The aim of this year's event is to inspire students with impulse lectures, held by experts in the field of sustainability in climate, environmental protection or nutrition. Subsequently students are encouraged to develop ideas for sustainable product or business innovation on the topic of
"There is no planet B - BIS for the future"

In the evening these innovations will be presented to parents and teachers in the Auditorium at our Haimhausen Campus. Following the presentations students, teachers, parents and multipliers will exchange views on current issues of school and environmental education of the future.
What: BeInSp!red Innovation Summit 2019
"There is no planet B. - BIS for the future"
Thursday, 10. October 2019
Where: Bavarian International School gAG
  Haimhausen Campus, Auditorium
Hauptstrasse 1
85778 Haimhausen


Marcus Fischbacher

Green City an Utopia?

Lush green oases instead of asphalt jungle. Clean air instead of smog. Places to meet friends instead of busy intersections. Streets filled with pedestrians, bikers, skaters and playing children instead of traffic jams... a utopian fantasy? Green City e.V. is working to make this dream come true, piece by piece. Together we are making Munich a better place by promoting the use of alternative forms of transportation, supporting and initiating sustainable city planning and encouraging conscientious energy use. Our vision of Munich is a city of the people for the people.

Marcus Fischbacher is a volunteer board member of Green City e.V. As a true Munich 6th generation, Marcus Fischbacher finds it indispensable what Green City has achieved for us Munich in almost 30 years. We all have to be active! Climate change will cost us dearly if we do not act now. That's why Marcus lives, loves and works for Green City.

Marcus Fischbacher, chairman of Green City e.V.

Laura Zwick

Laura Zwick - Rehab Republic e.V.

Sustainability with Yeah! Just do it!

Rehab Republic e.V. is a creative collective, which sets up unconventional projects, which aim to motivate as many people as possible to live sustainably. We are convinced that we can reach alternative forms of living, in which we can find satisfaction and happiness without exploiting more and more resources.
Through interaction, experience and fun we aim to give people the idea of changing their perspective or habits, showing them options for concrete action, and hence step by step transforming our society. Our philosophy: Sustainability with Yeah! #justdoit.
 Laura Zwick, Rehab Republic e.V.

Pascal Wolf

The future of urban gardening

I think it is a very exciting and important concept to draw young people's attention to the really important issues, such as sustainability and environmental protection. I am sure that this young creativity can produce wonderful solutions for our planet in the future. It's great that I get the chance to make my contribution.

 Pascal Wolf, founder URGROW and 
Winner of the Strascheg Award for Entrepreneurship

Claudia Rinke

Claudia Rinke

Saving the planet begins with our daily habits

Claudia Rinke is an award-winning and bestselling writer. She is currently working on a documentary film about young activists and youth driven change which will be released in early 2020.
Her previous experiences as an international lawyer and legal advisor to the United Nations feed into her writing. She is convinced that humankind can find solutions for the current crisis.

Our daily habits are important and can make a huge difference. Saving the planet begins with the food we eat and the clothes we wear. Everybody can be a climate activist by making the right choices.

 Claudia Rinke, Author

BeInSp!red Innovation Summit 2018

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BeInSp!red - City Talk 2019
The BeInSp!red City Talk of the Bavarian International School gAG (BIS) serves as an informative impulse generator for the interwoven learning, living and working worlds of the future.
The BIS community as well as representatives from economy, science, politics, media and society come together to inspire each other, to exchange ideas and to promote the formation of the future. "Lifelong learning" also applies to the economy.
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