On Friday, 13 October 2017, we held our second annual BeInSp!red Education Summit and were moved to rethink and/or reaffirm our personal strengths and aspirations as well as act upon our personal visions.

Speakers reminded us how important it is to fail forward and change the world. They provided us with the research that underpins the educational philosophy we have and reminded us how important it is to apply the scientific method to the many claims we are subjected to, especially on social media. Finally our BIS alumna reminded us of our privilege and how critical it is for us all to do what we can to help those less fortunate.
We were then wowed by two BISpreneurs (Ana Oancea and Nikolai Never) and their visionary products.

Whether from the speakers or the exhibitors at the following university & career fair, we have been told again and again, how impressive our students are and what a special place BIS is. Many thanks go to those who helped behind the scenes to organise the day!

Welcome to BeInSp!red Education Summit 2017

Welcome to the second BeInSp!red event at the Bavarian International School e.V. on 13 October 2017 - by Dr Chrissie Sorenson, BIS Director.

Dr. Ralf Belusa is a naturalist and medical scientist and is active in technology, marketing, E-commerce and start-up industries.
He is one of the top 100 opinion leaders in the digital industry across Europe. He is a consultant on digital strategies for large corporations such as Beiersdorf, Daimler, VW, Allianz, Bertelsmann, RedBull and the federal government.

Dr. Andrea Ghoneim is a research assistant at the Department of Interactive Media and Educational Technologies at the Danube University Krems, Austria.
Her main research area is the acquisition of competencies, in particular media competency. Currently, she is running a project to evaluate interdisciplinary skills. Their teaching topics are those of the new educational technologies, scientific work and knowledge theory assessment.

Terry Swartzberg is an American economic journalist and PR consultant based in Munich.
His customers include the state capital Munich and the Bavarian state government. Terry Swartzberg is known for his social commitment and his courageous campaigns, which deal primarily with climate change, the diversity of religions and poverty.

Dr. Julia Offe is a promoted biologist and former employee of the Max Planck Institute and the Center for Molecular Neurobiology.
The mother of two children is the initiator of the Science Slams, is active against pseudosciences in the "Society for the Scientific Investigation of Parascience" and also organizes the "March of Science" in Hamburg.

Sezai Coban is a professional dancer, certified movement and pain therapist, artist and author.
He develops preventive exercise programs and implements them in company health care. He is currently launching a new project at state schools, which promotes the individual development of the personality and the careful self-awareness of the students through targeted movement programs.

Robyn Klijn is a BIS Alumna (2008). She completed her bachelor’s degree in Disaster Recovery Management and is now working for Oxfam Ireland.
Robyn’s love for traveling and her passion for humanitarian work led her to work with vulnerable individuals, groups and communities in different countries. She has conducted projects from teaching English, to female empowerment and providing disaster preparedness trainings.

BISpreneurs presentation Ana Oancea

BISpreneurs presentation Nikolai Never

BISpreneurs Award

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Comment 5

"I will think more about turning weaknesses into a challenge instead, not think limited."

Comment 4

"I will continue to research the art of self-health and becoming the best version of myself."

Comment 3

" I now know how many opportunities and chances we have to make a difference."

Comment 2

"I really like the diversity of the guest speakers, that is how we will get to know more and expand our vision. I felt really being inspired after listening to some of the guest speakers."

Comment 1

"All speakers mentioned relevant things but in different area so I appreciate I got to listen to their experiences."


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