BeInSpred Innovation Summit

Ideas for the school of the future - what students and experts wish for!


Every thought is allowed in the Creativity & Innovation Café of the Bavarian International School!


On Thursday, 11 October 2018, the Bavarian International School gAG (BIS) organizes the "BeInSp!red Innovation Summit" for the third time. Together with 250 BIS students, experts from education, science and business develop ideas on the subject: "Design your ideal school of the future!" using the creativity technique "Design Thinking".

What does the future school look like? Which content should be taught? What role does the teacher play in the future? What do students and experts dream of?

Students will develop their own answers in the new BIS Innovation Café, collect brave and wise ideas, build classrooms and prototypes - because every thought is allowed in the Design Thinking mode.

Ten design groups will be accompanied by experts from innovative learning, innovation consulting, science, technology and design. Dr. Christian Hackl, CEO of TUM-Tech GmbH, shares his knowledge of innovations with BIS students, Steelcase education and design expert Helmut Kausler will work with those, interested in innovative learning furniture of the future and Education Manager Vincent Zenkner of MakerSpace shares his know-how on how to create and structure new school concept ideas for start-ups. Afterwards, the ideas will be presented in a 2-minute-pitch for each group.

Uwe Walter, Design Tinking Expert and Coach opens the Innovation Summit with an inspiring impulse lecture.

Dr Chrissie Sorenson - BIs Director"The world has become complex and challenging. In the future, more than ever, our children will need skills in creative problem-solving, strong social and team skills, creative self-confidence and, most importantly, a feedback and fail-forward culture. For this we use the innovative learning and teaching method of 'Design Thinking' in class. This all corresponds to our BIS philosophy: Believe. Inspire. Succeed. " - Dr. Chrissie Sorenson, Director of BIS

Keynote Speaker


"We humans are born to grow and develop with others. I want to share this wonderful experience with everyone."

Uwe Walter

Design Thinking Expert and Coach


Telling makes you free

For Uwe Walter, it's all about storytelling. Stories inspire him, whether it's the Oscar winner "Moonlight", documentaries like "Alive Inside", or vlogs by Casey Neistat from New York or the experiences of his ancestors. With stories we build our lives, we move people or pass on our knowledge to others.

Since 1999 he has been developing stories with companies so that they can clarify their message and bring it profitably to their viewers and customers. His customers come from all areas from Telecom to Allianz, from ARD to Antenne Bayern. From classic show television, rock musicians to Youtube web stars.

Group Leaders

Dagmar Nietzer

'Business Angel' and former founder of bilingual nursey school 'Joki'


It is great that BIS invites its students to design a learning environment that will help them to master successfully their future life.

Per Juul Poulsen

Strategic Innovation Consultant


Events like this should be the minimum requirement of any educational organization & I am happy to share my knowledge with the next generation of passionate problem solvers.

Steffie Kieffer

Founder of Design Thinking group 'Revelate'


Design Thinking is not just a method or process, it’s a mindset of how you approach challenges.

Dr Christian Hackl

Managing Director of TUMünchen-Tech GmbH


It is important that the students deal with the exciting subject of innovation early on. The BeInSp!red Innovation Summit provides the perfect setting for this.

Carolin Fiechter

Founder and Managing Director of 'Leaf Republic'


A wonderful path leading to responsible and mature adults: Enabling young people to work in teams towards their own goals, develop their own ideas, shaping their own environment.

Simon Rudat

Growth Manager at Luminovo Artificial Intelligence


This event is a great way to empower students to think about and design a school of the future in which they would like to study in.

Sezai Coban

Experts for Health Education in Schools


Creating a positive and enriched environment for the future schools & students.

Helmut Kausler

Workspace Consultant Higher Education at Steelcase


A plan for a perfect learning environment should cover the components of active learning spaces ideal for both students & teachers

Vincent Zenkner

Education Manager at MakerSpace

Vincent Zenkner - MakerSpace

Envision the world you want to live in, then go out and build it!

BeInSp!red Education Summit 2017

Check out our YouTube channel for more insights into last year's Education Summit.

Student Voices - Education Summit 2017

Comment 5

"I will think more about turning weaknesses into a challenge instead, not think limited."

Comment 4

"I will continue to research the art of self-health and becoming the best version of myself."

Comment 3

" I now know how many opportunities and chances we have to make a difference."

Comment 2

"I really like the diversity of the guest speakers, that is how we will get to know more and expand our vision. I felt really being inspired after listening to some of the guest speakers."

Comment 1

"All speakers mentioned relevant things but in different area so I appreciate I got to listen to their experiences."


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